I Think I Need a Silent Garden Intervention!

More about that in a second.

Pink Kona Bay StarIMG_1320wtmk

First up, though – another of the Tranquil Garden blocks. I think of this one as the tulip block.

Purple HarpsichordIMG_1322wtmk

And a pretty purple Harpsichord block.

Both pressed like a dream. I’m getting close to having enough stars ready to join into a row. I can’t wait to get the first couple of rows of the Kona Bay and blue and brown Silent Garden tops done and start joining them, just to see the top beginning to come together.

Now to the intervention! I have been looking at, but not in, a project box that I’ve had sitting out for a while. I think I was almost afraid to open it. But open it I did.

Lots of Stars IMG_1341wtmk

And found stars. Lots and lots of the wild floral kaleidoscope stars made with 2″ diamonds. Kaleidoscope stars that would look fabulous in a Silent Garden setting.  That would possibly  make 4 different Silent Garden projects I’d have on the go, although the little mauve and pink stars have definitely taken a back seat for now.

Some StarsIMG_1337wtmk

So then I had to start playing with possibilities for backgrounds and kites with these wild floral stars. I was thinking the grey stripe for the kites might be rather fun – and then I’d use a hot pink, I think, or maybe a red for the little triangles. The background? Maybe the little polka dot in these photos.

More Stars IMG_1338wtmkThat seemed to work with just about all the stars – I have them grouped into those that are predominantly pink, green, red and yellow/orange.

More Stars:Other Background IMG_1339wtmk

Then I decided to try it with this grey dot background – if I decide to use this, then the grey stripe for the kites doesn’t work.

Star with red kite IMG_1340wtmk

I remembered the red kites I had initially used in a few of the Tranquil Garden blocks and decided to see if they worked. And they did – they went with all the groups of wild floral kaleidoscope stars but I was a bit unsure if I’d like that kite with the stars that are mostly red/orange.  But, looking at this photo, I think that might just work. The more I look at this, the more I’m leaning to using the top grey print as the background for these stars. I’m probably going to keep this last picture up on my screen for a day or two to just look at before I start even thinking about printing the background and more kites and the little triangles. I haven’t got a clue what colour I’ll use for the little triangles yet – but that’s a decision that has to wait until I have decided about the background fabric and the kites.

I’ve definitely got a Silent Garden problem! It seems I just want to make more and more tops with that setting. Of course, part of it is all the kaleidoscope stars I’ve sewn that have been sitting, just waiting for the perfect setting and that Silent Garden setting seems to be it. Those wild floral stars need to get set into a quilt – they’re just too pretty to sit. So that’s next and may even get started as soon as I decided about the background and kite fabrics.

And then? Then I’ve got a plan for another star quilt but that one will be made with stars that have eight points.  All of a sudden, I have a bazillion ideas all clamouring to be started!



Jake, March 21, 2018 IMG_1330wtmk

Jake was very alert the other day, staring out the window. Not at birds or squirrels but at people out on the roof garden.

Baxter, March 21, 2018 IMG_1326wtmk

This photo makes me laugh. This is Baxter halfway out of the house. He often just sits like this for quite some time as he makes his way out of the house. Mr. Q.O. says he’s like a snail with his house on his back.

14 thoughts on “I Think I Need a Silent Garden Intervention!

    • Those are HUGE stars – and I’m trying to sort out what fabrics I want to use!! Of course – of course – I want to do some fussy cutting/printing for the centre star, so …

      And I am, in a way, waiting to see if Linda does a smaller size of it. I have a feeling she might. 😉




    • You’re right, I am going to try some green or a blue or an aquamarine for the kites and will likely go with the tiny dark green polka dots for the background.




    • I love that grey with the tiny dots but I think it may get reserved for another project. Maybe. I’m still playing with possibilities. I’ll do another post with the next set of choices sometime this week, I think.




  1. 😄 I know what you mean!! But, really…no intervention will ever work lol. Beautiful work and your choice of fabrics are swoon worthy.


    • I know – any intervention is absolutely doomed to fail. Thank you – I’m still playing with fabric choices for those wild floral stars. It may take me a while before I figure this out but it’s fun to play with combinations.


    • I like the idea of them against a black – I’m going to have to test that idea!! With some bright kites and tris – that could be fabulously effective!!




  2. I can’t tell from the photos…. what color are the little dots? Grey? Black? I think I like the dot print best for background with these, but I’m with Whiskers on this one. I think something aquamarine for the kites would be wonderful! Something more tropical. Pink would be nice too, I think. Oh, whatever you do will be wonderful! LOL! LOVE all your stars!


    • The tiny polka dots are a deep green. I think that I will go with that because, much as I love that grey swirly dotted fabric, it’s not quite right for the wild florals. You two are right – I’m going to see what I have in a aquamarine and, of course, pink – but I think I’ll reserve pink for the little triangles. The next decision will be size!!! There are so many of those stars it’s unbelievable!!!




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