Silent Garden & Harpsichord Blocks … and Getting Ready to Print

I know, I know! I thought I was going to stick with the Stormy Seas blocks but I decided to finish the blocks for row 3 of the brown & blue Silent Garden top. This is block 7 for row 3 and is definitely one of my favourites of these stars. One more to go and then all the blocks for that row will be done.

Its back, after pressing and grading of seams.

Then, of course, I had to make a Harpsichord block. This time a pretty medium orange one.

Its back, after pressing and grading the seams.

While I was working on these, my attention was really focused on the Stormy Seas blocks. I’ve sorted out exactly what I will need to print as my plan for the weekend is to get everything printed, cut and sorted into little glassine envelopes so that I can continue sewing the Stormy Seas blocks for a while – until I’m totally distracted by the new Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring collection when it’s released.I’m thrilled I was able to find the leftover pieces of the original seven batiks because, while I don’t need to print much on them, I do need to print a few more of some of the shapes. Finding them as easily as I did proved to me that keeping small pieces is definitely a very good idea and made it easy to make the decision to add the two new light batiks to the mix. So the printer is going to get a workout this weekend!

“Firin’ ‘er up”

Baxter loves to hang out atop the kitty tree, and I can never resist taking a photo of him even when the light isn’t great.

8 thoughts on “Silent Garden & Harpsichord Blocks … and Getting Ready to Print

    • Far too many decisions about far too many projects on the go! We’ve not yet had to go for the annual v-e-t (we spell that word around here as it’s not one Baxter wants to hear) visit, so I’m not sure of his weight. I don’t think he’s any heavier, but somehow I don’t think he’d want to sit on the scales for me either. 😉




  1. Yes, Sir Baxter. Looking very regal.

    Let’s not talk about “fire”, “firing up”, or” heat”, please. Pacific NW is going up in smoke. It was at least 104 F here yesterday, and down in town at the bottom of the canyon floor it was 113 F at 5:30P. HOT! HOT! HOT! And again today, but then we start to cool.

    I do really like the blue and brown, and I keep wondering when you are going to build that harpsichord.


    • I know, as I have a friend in the Seattle area who has been telling me how unbearably hot it has been out there this year. I hope it’s cooled off finally and you’ve had some rain to help with the forest fires!

      I must be the only one who’s not wild about the brown & blue – too much beige and brown, I think, for me. Although I do appreciate that it looks good together, it’s just not a colour combination that I’m drawn to.

      I don’t want to start putting the Harpsichord blocks together until I’ve got most of them made as I want to have a good sense of how many I have of each colour and value so the arrangement doesn’t end up sort of lopsided.




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