Stormy Seas Weekend

Storm at Sea block IMG_2250wtmk

It was definitely a Stormy Seas weekend. I couldn’t resist piecing this block for the top as the fabrics in it are two of my favourites. The metallic fabric has made an appearance in a few projects and I still have some of it left for future projects.

Back of Storm at Sea block IMG_2251wtmk

The back, after pressing and grading the seams. The more I sew these, the quicker I’m piecing them. It’s finding that my time to sew gets so much faster that makes me wonder about rotating with other projects, but I do want to keep some momentum on a few going so I think I’ll stick with the plan of rotating projects – in a few days, that is. While I’m still on this tear with the Stormy Seas blocks, I’m going to stick with it. When I start to find myself looking for a reason to do something else, then I’ll know it’s time to go back to the various Silent Garden blocks as well as the Harpsichord blocks. Although now that I have a plan for a border for the Stormy Seas top, I’m more motivated to get these blocks all sewn.

Storm at Sea printing IMG_2252wtmk

I also got the shapes printed on the two more light batiks I’m adding to the Stormy Seas mix as well as the few shapes I needed on some of the original seven batiks for more Stormy Seas blocks.

It took  less than half an hour to get everything printed, both large pages and little ones – I love that my printer will print pages as small as 3.25″ x 5″.

The next step will be to get everything sorted into envelopes and into the project box and then the project box is going to be close to overflowing again.

printer's devilswtmk

“Printer’s Devils”

Baxter in middle of tunnel IMG_2241wtmk

Baxter was halfway through his tunnel – with toys. There are always lots of toys in there now.

4 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Weekend

    • I wish I had gotten a tunnel long before I did, as I can only imagine the fun Jake and Baxter would have had together! So I bet your cats would love one!




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