Repurposing Containers

All the printed sheets of shapes for the additional Stormy Seas blocks are now, for the most part, cut apart and ready to be put in individual glassine envelopes for more Stormy Seas blocks. There is still some final cutting to be done. That will get done by hand with scissors because my wrists and holding a ruler or using the rotary cutter – well, they need a break from each other! The amount of cutting I need to do with scissors is minimal, so this step will not take long.

In the meantime, I needed somewhere to put all the little pieces. So I started scouring the kitchen cupboards for something that would work for this interim step and found the perfect item.

Salad Bowl IMG_2266wtmk

A big salad bowl now contains all the printed shapes.

When all those get their final bit of cutting done and are put into glassine envelopes they’ll be added to the current container full of pieces for Stormy Seas blocks.

Cookie Tin IMG_2277wtmk

This old cookie tin was pressed into service for Stormy Seas way, way back when I started this project. Now I think it may be too small. So I may have to hunt through the kitchen cupboards again for another perfect container to press into service for this. With any luck I’ll find another, slightly larger cookie tin.


“So You Say You Need More Containers?”

Baxter, August 14, 2018 IMG_2254wtmk

I couldn’t resist this close-up of Baxter mostly because it shows off his dramatic eyeliner.


9 thoughts on “Repurposing Containers

  1. So are sooo organized! And using kitchen objects makes sense because you spend more time sewing than cooking! LOL!
    And handsome Baxter with his magnificent eyeliner!


    • I definitely spend more time sewing than cooking! The salad bowl was just hte perfect size/shape for this interim step. The old cookie tin is so old that I have no idea where its top is. So it’s clearly now going to be part of the quilt containers in use.




  2. Ah, you’ve been raiding my house again. I love “tins” too.

    And, if you look at Baxter closely, he will have wonderful eyelashes. And a very handsome white tie! I know of what I speak as I have a ‘red’ occupant in my lap helping me read email this AM.


    • I used to have a fabulous collection of cookie tins but they never seemed to get returned when I would take them somewhere filled with butter tarts or other baked goods. There was one that would have been the absolute perfect size for Stormy Seas, but I know it’s long gone. This may necessitate a hunt at the dollar store for a new perfect project box!

      Why is it that the males of any species seem to have the killer eyelashes???? It’s just not fair!




  3. SS.Bigstash. That takes #1 prize today. Bob needs to get a day job as a cartoonist, that would pay for a heap of fabric, then you would need more containers.I hope one day to see a book published with Baxter, Jake too, and the ‘toons.


  4. If there is one thing quilter’s love more than fabric, it’s containers. I confess I sometimes buy snack foods just for the containers. I love the square clear plastic ones that the Entenmann’s Madeleine cookies come in. My husband knows that they never go in the recycling bin.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen that brand of cookies here. It’s when the Christmas cookies are out in the stores that we seem to see more tins/collectable containers. This year may require some cookie purchases as I’m thinking I may just do that, but I’d wrap the cookies up in smaller, more varied packages for neighbours and keep the tins for quilting!




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