Sky Quilt Blocks & Stormy Seas

Years ago – at least six years, it seems. going by the date on the watermark – I started making what I’m calling the Sky Quilt.


At the moment, it has a partial rainbow in the centre with star blocks representing twilight, noon, sunset and dawn. I still have to finish the rainbow and I think I may need to add one more block of  – I don’t know – maybe another vivid sunset. I made the rainbow and blocks using 1.75″ 45-degree diamonds printed using the Inklingo 6″ LeMoyne Star collection.

I found the rainbow and sky blocks when I started hunting for a container for the Stormy Seas project and knew exactly where the other printed diamonds for it were. I think it seems rather fitting to have the Sky Quilt to work on at the same time as Stormy Seas as the sky would always be over stormy seas. Now I need to sort out exactly how I want to put the Sky Quilt together. I have the diamonds ready to finish the rainbow and more than enough of the more vivid ones.

New & Old SaS Containers IMG_2285wtmk

All the pieces are now ready and separated into the individual glassine envelopes which are now in the new Stormy Seas container – definitely not a very fancy one. Just a plastic box. I had hoped to find I had something a bit nicer but this will do. It gives me room to put the threads that I’ve found are the perfect blues for the various batiks in the blocks as well, so it really is a project in a box. As I get more blocks done, the project will eventually migrate back to its original cookie tin.

I could have managed to get all the glassine envelopes with the pieces for individual blocks in that cookie tin but they would have definitely been too crammed in. That could have caused problems with creased pieces, depending how long it takes me to get this down to a manageable number. So for now, I’ll work with the plain old plastic box but the cookie tin is being kept close by so it’s ready when the blocks are down to a more manageable number left to be made.

SaS Block IMG_2278wtmk

Another block is now done for the stack of Stormy Seas blocks. I think this one is definitely my new favourite. Every time I looked at it yesterday, it made me think of moving water. Batiks are so great for something like this!

SaS Block Back IMG_2281wtmk

Its back, after pressing and grading of seams.

Twilight Skywtmk

“Twilight Sky”

Baxter, August 16, 2018 IMG_2295wtmk

Baxter has been posing ever so nicely this week. I love this shot of him and his never-ending whiskers.

6 thoughts on “Sky Quilt Blocks & Stormy Seas

  1. Eek! I can’t believe you found yet another project with a lot of it already finished! I don’t recall ever seeing this one before and it’s magnificent! Love the stormy seas too!!


    • Thank you – I can surprise even you with some of these older projects! I’m glad I found the Sky Quilt project now as I think I can get the rainbow and remaining block I want to make finished fairly quickly. Then comes the challenge of figuring out the setting pieces I need!




  2. And so the SS ship sailed on by, not even dropping off a few containers to help with storage. Goodnight, they said. Another stunning ‘toon. That last stormy sea is so beautiful.


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