Sea Foam Stormy Seas Blocks

Of course I had to make a couple of Stormy Seas blocks using the new batiks added to the mix. And I had to make those blocks using what is, I think, my favourite of the original seven batiks.

Seafoam Storm at Sea block 1 IMG_2329wtmk

First there was this one – which is definitely my favourite of these two.

Seafoam Storm at Sea block 2 IMG_2334wtmk

And then this one.

Seafoam Storm at Sea block 2 back IMG_2333wtmk

The back of one – they are pressed exactly the same.

I’m glad I decided to add the two new lighter batiks to the mix even though it means I have a lot of blocks still to make as I think the overall look of the eventual quilt will be more what I had originally envisioned.

Now I need to sew five Stormy Seas blocks that have that dark, dark blue batik in them. I think I will just get those done. Then, even though there will still be loads of blocks to be made, they will all be fun to sew.

Stormy Sea Cafewtmk

“Stormy Sea Cafe”

Baxter August 25, 2018 IMG_2323wtmk

This happened totally by accident when, after vacuuming, I put Baxter’s toy basket between his tunnel and his “house”. He seems to love having everything contained in one spot like this and is often found hiding (or so he thinks) in the area – so much so that we’ve started calling the area Fort Baxter! It’s fun to see which toys have been put in front of the tunnel and house as they change frequently.

4 thoughts on “Sea Foam Stormy Seas Blocks

    • Hmm – I wonder if “Big Hash” cookies might have meant the blog post would have been looked at askance by browsers!! I really love that first block as well. The second block didn’t photograph as well as it is very striking in person – for some reason the camera didn’t quite read the colours in the lighter print as well as the other fabrics.




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