Sky Quilt Blocks & Stormy Seas

Years ago – at least six years, it seems. going by the date on the watermark – I started making what I’m calling the Sky Quilt. At the moment, it has a partial rainbow in the centre with star blocks … Continue reading

Stormy Seas

This is my current favourite of the Stormy Seas blocks that I’m making using one of the Inklingo Storm at Sea collections. It has been months since I’ve worked on these, but now that I’ve started again I don’t want to stop as I’ve found a stitching sequence that is relatively quick for me.

They are hand pieced, so far, but I’m contemplating trying a block by machine or at least parts of a block.  I think I might be tempted to put the units together by machine and then stitch them into the block by hand. I printed a few more a lot more shapes than I need for the quilt so I think I’ll give at least one block a try by machine and see how well I do with that. An idea for a second quilt using the extra shapes is already forming in my mind. I’m rather excited about this idea, so am hoping to get started on it as soon as I get the Stormy Seas blocks finished.

This block has one of my favourite fabrics in it, the green/blue batik.

One of the big benefits of using batiks is that they press so easily.

And yes, Stormy Seas is another quilt in a box. Every block is kitted in its own separate glassine envelope, ready to stitch. Even the various threads for piecing are in this box.

It’s either ragweed starting or I’m fighting a summer cold. Tuesday was one of the most unproductive days I’ve had in ages as doing much of anything seemed like a monumental task.

Baxter seems to think the camera is only for taking photos of him. The minute we’re setting up to take photos of anything, he is right there posing.

Storm at Sea & Harpsichord

One more Storm at Sea block has been completed.  For fun, I put the completed ones up on my temporary design wall.  Obviously I’m going to have to do a lot of arranging of the blocks, when they’re all completed, to get the effect I’m after.  So far, though, I love the look of all those lovely luscious batiks!

Along with completing that one more Storm at Sea block, I made a few more of the Harpsichord blocks.  The row on the far left has been joined, but the other blocks are not.  There are still many blocks to be made for this top, but it feels good to be adding a few more to it weekly again.

One thing I’ve realized about the temporary design wall is that the spot it is in is probably an area of the apartment that has the worst possible lighting.  Some rearranging may have to be done so that the design wall is in an area where there is better lighting available.  Perhaps by a window?

Smudge was playing more with his favourite toy on Thursday, although in this picture he was reclining on the couch.

Sparkling Stormy Seas

Two of the batiks I’m using in the Stormy Seas blocks have some metallic gold which I’m hoping will give the impression of sunlight sparkling on the waves.  I couldn’t resist making at least one block with both of those batiks.  It’s going to be fun when all the blocks are done and I start playing with their placement.  I’m thinking that I may concentrate the blocks which have one of the metallic batiks in one area to really give the impression of light on the water.  But that’s way off in the future.

More of the setting pieces are added to the baby quilt top.  It’s going to take slightly longer than I had anticipated to add them, but I think I’m still on target to have the top completed by the end of the weekend.  Between now and then I’ll get the flannel for the backing washed so that as soon as the top is done and pressed I can get it basted and start the quilting.

Smudge is still being syringe fed, although he is eating a bit more every day on his own.  So there is progress.  And he definitely feels like he’s gaining more weight. Here he was having a snooze after a feeding.

Lester was once again posing for the camera.

Stormy Seas Block 8

The eighth block is finished.  It didn’t take long, as I had already put the units together and really had only 2 long seams to stitch.  My wrist felt much better on Wednesday, although I am going to try to not push it for another couple of days. While I’m dying to haul out the bin with the brights and other appropriate prints for the baby quilt idea I have, I’m resisting it as I don’t think it’s going to take much to set this off again.

All the pieces for the remaining Stormy Seas blocks are sorted and in individual glassine envelopes.  Something tells me I need to find a larger box for them or get half a dozen of these blocks made up rather quickly.  The box seems as though it’s rather overflowing at the moment.

I was looking for a two-fabric applique pattern last night that I’ve had tucked away for a while.  When I started reorganizing a few months ago, I put it and the other applique patterns like it somewhere.  But where that somewhere might be has become a puzzle.  I searched and searched and couldn’t find it.  I remember putting them all in one spot … somewhere.  It looks as though I’ll be through with work sometime early next week for the balance of the year.  Perhaps I’d better have another go at reorganizing, and when I put things in “safe spots” I’m thinking I need to keep a list in a notebook of just where those safe spots might be!

Smudge is much more active, playing with toys and having the odd mock battle with Lester.  And treating us to poses like this, showing off his paws.

Lester was also showing off his huge paws while he relaxed on the couch.

Stormy Seas

Block 4 is done.  I couldn’t resist.  My goal right now is just to get all the shapes printed on the 11 fabrics I’ve chosen but, as I had printed out the shapes on the third fabric, I just had to make one block.  If I keep doing this as I start printing the other fabrics, it’s going to take days to get al the shapes printed.  I love the movement in these blocks and am flirting with the idea of making 3 or 4 Pickled Ladies and then doing one Stormy Seas block.

I’m so close to having the setting blocks and the elements for the pieced border of the big pink star quilt, also known as the pink and cream quilt, done that I really want to try to stay focused, which is why I think I shall not print any more of the Storm at Sea pieces until that is complete.  If I stay focused, which is questionable — okay, doubtful — no, impossible, I may very well have everything done to put the top together before the end of the month.

Smudge was caught in one of his almost headless cat poses on the weekend.

I couldn’t resist this shot of Lester, even though it’s a tad blurry.  It’s blurry because we caught him just as he was about to clean his paw.