Storm at Sea & Harpsichord

One more Storm at Sea block has been completed.  For fun, I put the completed ones up on my temporary design wall.  Obviously I’m going to have to do a lot of arranging of the blocks, when they’re all completed, to get the effect I’m after.  So far, though, I love the look of all those lovely luscious batiks!

Along with completing that one more Storm at Sea block, I made a few more of the Harpsichord blocks.  The row on the far left has been joined, but the other blocks are not.  There are still many blocks to be made for this top, but it feels good to be adding a few more to it weekly again.

One thing I’ve realized about the temporary design wall is that the spot it is in is probably an area of the apartment that has the worst possible lighting.  Some rearranging may have to be done so that the design wall is in an area where there is better lighting available.  Perhaps by a window?

Smudge was playing more with his favourite toy on Thursday, although in this picture he was reclining on the couch.

9 thoughts on “Storm at Sea & Harpsichord

  1. Loving the Storm at Sea blocks! Sometimes the best places for design walls aren’t always good with the light. I find that with my design wall too. I just need to install a light there because there is no other place to have the wall.


  2. Both projects are looking great. It’s been a while since you have worked on the Harpsichord one. My design wall is in the brightest room of the house (the guest bedroom) but I always have the shades down so the sun doesn’t fade everything in there….kinda defeats the purpose LOL.



  3. I find that if I take photos too close to a window that the colors are washed out. Across from a window is good. When I set up my design walls in the living room for photos with east light, they are about 14 feet from the picture window and it is perfect.


  4. It’s so inspiring to see all your work up!!! Personally, I don’t have a problem with the lighting here. I just like to see the work. 😉 Oh – and Smudge. What a great shot of him. Been getting some really good ones lately of the Pasha.


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