Pickled Ladies Update

It’s time for the monthly Clamshell Club report.  To see what other members of the Clamshell Club have posted, the links can be found here.

While the projects I’ve been working on lately have, for the most part, taken over, I have been making a few of the Pickled Ladies blocks bit by bit.  Friday I put them all up on the temporary design wall to get a sense of how many more I need to make. With 69 of the blocks done, I’m looking at something that will be approximately 46 x 34.  I want to make this a larger quilt than that, so I’m contemplating doing another 45 or 50 of the blocks and then will start working on the layout as well as making the half pickled clams for the edges and then will think about a border or borders.

When talking to a friend about the Pickled Ladies and why I had not done more, I realized that I had got out of the rhythm of stitching these.  While there is another large project that’s seemingly taken over my stitching time, I’m going to try to get at least half of what I need to finish the main part of the top done by the end of May.  I have a number of the clamshells fussy cut already, so need to make more of the arcs and then put them together.

We found two foods that Smudge seemingly loves.  Friday he ate more on his own than he has in weeks.   Here he was resting after eating.

19 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies Update

  1. Oh gosh aren’t these amazing!!! Seeing them all together is so powerful. This is a really stunning piece. Another one. hee!!!

    It’s a good thing Smudge has pillows to rest his head on. MSKP’s. hee. Happy Birthday, too. ;P


  2. I find you to be my greatest inspiration!!! My goodness your work is beautiful. When you posted the basket made of Drunkards Path, I was speachless. Thank you! I look forward to your daily poists.
    Beverly in Pennsylvania


  3. I truly love the pickled ladies!! It sounds like a lot of blocks yet to do but once you get back at them, they will go quickly.



  4. I just love seeing all of the ‘ladies’ on the design wall. It will be such a spectacular quilt.

    I’m glad to hear Smudge is doing so well with his eating.


  5. Wow! Those Pickled Ladies look glorious together. I think this is my favorite quilt, but it’s so hard to pick one from all your beautiful projects.

    I’m glad you found some food Smudge would eat. I spent a lot of time searching for different foods when Jack had liver disease — at one point we even tried some canned dog food (Cesar), and he actually liked it.


  6. Wow Cathi, the pickled ladies are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more of them.
    I am a little behind with my shels. I also have to work harder to finish them before summer.

    So glad for you that Smudge is doing better!


  7. Pickled Clamshells are lovely, you have done a lot how you find time to sleep I cannot imagine.
    I am glad you found something Smudge likes to eat, long live the pasha!


  8. Your pickled clamshell quilt is so pretty. I’ve just been looking through your older posts and I love that you post a photo of the back of your blocks showing the way you press the seams. I am a mostly self taught quilt maker and sometimes wonder which is the best way to press the seams. I can’t thank you enough for for these really helpful pictures.


  9. These are spectacular!! REally, I’m drooling! Smudge looks glum, but maybe he is just full. Bhu recently found some food he likes, too, and he has gained a little bit of weight. I have a feeling that what he likes to eat is not good for him, but otherwise he just starves himself. I’m weak; I give in! xxoo Patty


  10. I am loving those clamshells, but I keep calling them prickled ladies. (Prickled = grouchy, at least in my mind.) The arcs remind me of prickly pear cactus – which reinforces my grouchy idea.

    Hey you could use that pattern to make an abstract prickly pear quilt… green clam shell, cream on blue arcs… (I can see it in my mind – so I don’t need to make it in fabric.)


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