Cake Stand Block and Hugo Goes to the Castle

What possessed me, I have no idea but on the weekend I decided it would be fun to make a 2.5″ cake stand block.  It was actually a lot of fun to stitch.  I printed .50″ and 1.5″ HSTs, a couple of .5 x 1.5″ rectangles and two .50″ squares and the little block practically put itself together.  I used two different Inklingo collections to do so, the HST collection and the .50″ Log Cabin collection.  That’s a penny in the photo, to give an idea of scale.

Then for fun I decided to make a 5″ block using the same fabrics.  Again, it practically put itself together.  The only difference in this one was that I used shapes from the 1″ Log Cabin collection with the larger HSTs.

The two blocks, side by side.

The back of the larger of the two blocks.

After watching so much coverage of the Royal Wedding on Friday, Hugo needed to see a castle so off we went to take him to see Casa Loma.

First he saw part of the stone wall.

Then the castle started to appear.

We rounded the corner and Hugo got his first good glimpse of the castle.

We saw the castle stables.

And then we were right across the street from the castle.  Hugo jumped up on the dashboard and had a good long look!

This is going to be a busy week as I’m acting as registrar at a tribunal hearing all week.  Oh, how I wish I had a smart phone or iPad!  With one, the inevitable long drawn-out recesses would be much more bearable.   I think the next technology buy for me will be one of those two things.

We seem to have found food that Smudge definitely likes and is eating.   That is a huge relief for us and he seems much happier.  Here he was relaxing.  I love the crossed paws pose.

14 thoughts on “Cake Stand Block and Hugo Goes to the Castle

  1. Definitely can see a quilt using a combo of those two blocks!! They are fantastic and to think that they almost put themselves together. Love the tour of the castle. It looks like you had wonderful weather for it too! Glad Smudge is eating!


  2. Castle’s are a lot of fun 🙂 Didn’t know there was any in Canada till now.
    What darling little basket blocks, especially the 2.5″ one. WOW! But “Practically put themselves together”?? With your amazing needle skills they did 😉
    Doesn’t Smudge look like he’s posing in that shot, LOL… so beautifully too. I’m glad to hear he’s eating better now. It will be a huge relief to you.
    I would like an iPad one day but that won’t be for a while. I only got an iTouch last birthday. Oh well, technology is advancing so fast it’ll be out of date by the time I come to get one. LOL.
    Oh thanks to your inspiration of the dresden plate blocks I’m on my way to finishing a 9″ appliqué version finally getting to try out that Inklingo collection that I purchased when it first came out. Cheers, Ellyx


  3. I love your cute little teeny tiny block!! They would make a great bear quilt….or maybe one for Hugo :0)

    Smudge looks very satisfied with himself in that pose LOL.



  4. What? A castle in Canada? That is quite the place! Very interesting.
    I love your cake stand blocks and now with the new sizes of triangles, you can make so many more! 🙂
    Can you hand piece during your recesses?

    Smudge does look happy and content, I love his paw poses!


  5. Cathi,
    Every fall my sisters (Cathy and Carol) and me take a weekend trip. We have been to Casa Loma, took the tour and walked all the stairs to the uppermost turret! It is a beautiful castle.
    On a quilting note, I have downloaded the inklingo, and I am too afraid to try it! LOL
    Have fun with Hugo!


  6. Cathi, Your little block is adorable. I have been pestering Linda to design a mini basket block. I never think of putting different packages together. Thank you so much for being a brilliant friend.


  7. Hi Cathi! Wow I am so sorry I got behind in posting – your email came the same day I got sick and so I haven’t been online since I posted my last post (I was at work and hadn’t had a chance to check email and see Hugo was there til this morning). I just posted about him now because even though I am at work I wanted to update everyone! So you may get some kitty and doggie visitors over here (hopefully lots – I love your site and I know there are a lot of quilters in the group). I can’t wait to get all caught up with Hugo!!


  8. I have a cat that loves to sit with her front paws crossed too! I love to watch her sitting like that. Glad Smudge is doing better. Love your blog – you always have so much going on – I’m in awe!


  9. What a lovely photo of Smudge, he is so handsome! Casa Loma is such an interesting place – we visited there a few years ago when there was a quilt show happening. Of course Hugo must visit a Canadian castle! I do love your little blocks, both sizes together would make an interesting design.


  10. Wow I can’t believe your itty bitty blocks. I bet those are easier to piece by hand than by machine. Love the photo of Smudge. He is such a camera ham. I love visiting big houses like the Castle Loma.


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