TIny Cake Stand Block

Looks like I may not get much stitching done this week.  Monday night I was absolutely exhausted, partially because I had barely slept Sunday night for some reason, and got very little done.  This little cake stand block was all I managed to stitch Monday night.  It seems I’m determined to make a small quilt with the 2.5″ blocks.  I decided to use a QST for the triangle at the bottom of the block and am going to use the same cream for all blocks as the neutral.  I’m not sure how many blocks I’ll make, but it’s definitely going to be a tiny teddy bear quilt.

The back:

I’m going to continue making some of the 5″ blocks as well, with a view to making a small baby quilt.   I have an idea for the borders of both the tiny and slightly larger quilt and am planning to piece the borders as I stitch the blocks.  That way when I finish stitching the blocks I should have most of the pieced borders completed.

Monday wasn’t a long day at the hearing, but it appears that today will be as will Wednesday.  So blog posts for the next couple of days are probably going to be rather short.

Smudge was looking at a toy I was holding above his head while Mr. Q.O. got this shot.

6 thoughts on “TIny Cake Stand Block

  1. It’s awful when you have to sit for hours and then they won’t even let you stitch while they are discussing boring things. I don’t know how you can keep from getting cross-eyed with sleepiness LOL.



  2. Hmmm, I suppose they’d frown big time if you had some hand-piecing tucked into your pockets? 😉 Well, you’ll soon be back to you lovely creations and needle will be flying to make up for lost time! So glad Smudge is eating and taking interest in all things! Big hugs…and keep dreaming of your next quilty project!


  3. I just love this block! The fabrics are fantastic and what a cute picture of Smudge. He is so darn cuteamous I can hardly stand it. I just want to jump thru the screen and hug him. Wish I had my own TARDIS! Who, me? hee. Dr. Who Love, *karendianne.


  4. Such cute weeny little blocks! If they were fish you would have to throw them back because they would be below the legal limit, I am sure. Lovely pic of Smudge today!


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