Stormy Seas

This is my current favourite of the Stormy Seas blocks that I’m making using one of the Inklingo Storm at Sea collections. It has been months since I’ve worked on these, but now that I’ve started again I don’t want to stop as I’ve found a stitching sequence that is relatively quick for me.

They are hand pieced, so far, but I’m contemplating trying a block by machine or at least parts of a block.  I think I might be tempted to put the units together by machine and then stitch them into the block by hand. I printed a few more a lot more shapes than I need for the quilt so I think I’ll give at least one block a try by machine and see how well I do with that. An idea for a second quilt using the extra shapes is already forming in my mind. I’m rather excited about this idea, so am hoping to get started on it as soon as I get the Stormy Seas blocks finished.

This block has one of my favourite fabrics in it, the green/blue batik.

One of the big benefits of using batiks is that they press so easily.

And yes, Stormy Seas is another quilt in a box. Every block is kitted in its own separate glassine envelope, ready to stitch. Even the various threads for piecing are in this box.

It’s either ragweed starting or I’m fighting a summer cold. Tuesday was one of the most unproductive days I’ve had in ages as doing much of anything seemed like a monumental task.

Baxter seems to think the camera is only for taking photos of him. The minute we’re setting up to take photos of anything, he is right there posing.

12 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. Storm at Sea has always been one of my favorite quilt blocks and you make it so lovely. I like your idea of piecing the units be machine and then putting them together by hand. It would definetly make it easier for getting those points to line up.

    Baxter sure is handsome and seems to be becoming a bit of a prima donna. lol


  2. I must say that Baxter grows more gorgeous everyday! So cute! Storm at Sea is a block that I’ve always wanted to make. Your blocks are beautiful; looking forward to seeing more of them and the quilt!


  3. I just love your storm at sea blocks and I love the colors that match the name:) Baxter is fitting right in and following in Smudge’s paw-steps and posing when the camera appears *smile*.


  4. These are gorgeous Cathi 🙂 Where do you buy your glassine envelopes from?
    I think I need to organize mine too.
    Baxter is adorable! He really looks like he loves to be photographed. Ellyx


  5. If you have the time I have a couple of questions about your Stormy Sea blocks
    I have fabric washed and ready to print for my own version but I am trying to decide how I want my fabrics to blend.
    They are more homogenous in their look and I am trying to figure out if I might use a common background for the blocks or mix up the handyed looking fabrics.
    I don’t want to loose the design with a lack of contrast but I love the ocean-y look of your blocks
    My questions are
    1.Are you using different combos of the fabrics throughout or just in one block?
    2. In your opinion would using a common background and just one of the feature fabrics in each block loose that “ocean” look I am going for?
    3.I only have one dark (a blue)and the rest go from med to light as they emulate handyes
    OK, sorry to go on and on but if I am going to take them with me on my upcoming trip I need to get printing! LOL
    OH, and my grandson loves Baxter and says he wants a kitty just like him! He is 4 1/2


  6. What a great idea, keeping yourself so organized! I think the hand dyed fabrics really give this block the movement it is intended to have. Great fabric choices! With living on the coast, this is a quilt that is on my to do list. Very beautiful Cathi. Can’t get over how much Baxter has grown. You sure get some amazing shots of him. He’s so regal.


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