Sky Quilt Blocks & Stormy Seas

Years ago – at least six years, it seems. going by the date on the watermark – I started making what I’m calling the Sky Quilt. At the moment, it has a partial rainbow in the centre with star blocks … Continue reading

Sky Quilt Again

Over the holidays, this project made its reappearance and is on the list of those I want to finish up sooner rather than later. There are  a couple more rows of diamonds to add to the rainbow centre and then I’ll set it together with the four sun blocks.

We didn’t get a picture of the back of the rainbow yet, but I spent a fair bit of time pressing it on the weekend. Once again, I had left the pressing too long. However, now that I’ve got this part pressed I will press after each of the remaining rows are added. Lesson learned once again!

Baxter loves my computer chair. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “My Morris Imitation.”

Sky Quilt

Last week I spent some time going through the various partially completed projects. Some of them have been relegated to the closet for now. Others have been bumped up the list to be finished. The Sky Quilt is one of those that’s going to be worked on now. This picture is of the rainbow that will be, I think, in the middle of the quilt. Another few rows of diamonds will be added in purples and blues and that part will be done.

These four blocks will be in the corners of the quilt. I remember they struck me as being sunset and sunrise colours, which is what gave me the idea of calling it the Sky Quilt.

The pieces I need to finish the rainbow were ready and waiting, so I’ve started adding the final few rows to it and will hopefully have the top finished within a couple of weeks. The fabric I had selected for the background was easily located and is washed and ready to go.

The best part of revisiting the older projects? Once I had them out and up on the temporary design wall, I almost immediately had ideas for finishing a few. There are three of these projects that will be turned into quilt tops relatively quickly.

Baxter has a new trick.  He brings us his favourite toy, drops it at our feet and waits for us to throw it for him. First he has to rest up and be ready for some serious play time.

Sky Quilt Blocks Revisited

While I work on the gift for a friend, I thought I’d revisit these blocks. I’m still pretty sure that these 4 blocks will be the corners of a quilt with the multi-colour rainbow in the centre.

The rainbow is about two-thirds done. As soon as it’s finished, which may be sooner than later as I’d like to get back to it as soon as I get this surprise finished, I can start playing with the setting.

Smudge watching something rather intently:

Lester, appearing lost in thought:

Here are all the strips of hexagons. Although they may look like they’re jumbled up, they’re actually basted together at the top in order so all I have to do is take the next strip off the bunch when I need it. The first 2 rows are actually joined now — but no picture yet.

And this is the rainbow with the first row of purples started.

Saturday we had thunderstorms. It started out as a wonderfully warm, mild day but, as the afternoon progressed, it got chilly. This was the late afternoon sky as another round of thunderstorms was headed our way. The sky was really interesting to watch.

Smudge doesn’t mind storms at all.

This was Lester watching out the window Monday afternoon. We have huge robins this year which are keeping him entertained.

Slow Progress

The rainbow grew, but only a bit. I’m not really sure quite why I got so stalled on it this weekend, but I was. There are three of the purple/red diamonds left to join to the body of the rainbow, then the purples and then blues. If I’m very dedicated to this throughout the week, I may just have the rainbow done by week’s end.

I didn’t seem to get a lot of stitching done this weekend. I played with the Drunkard’s Path basket bits and got all the curved pieces ready for the remaining three blocks of it. I also started trying to sort out just how I’ll set the rainbow and the four “sun” blocks when the rainbow is done. This may be one time I’ll really wish I had a design wall!

The leaves on the trees out on the roof garden will be starting to open this week. I can’t wait. As soon as they’re all open, we barely can see all the other high-rise towers around us.

The following two pictures absolutely crack me up. It’s the looks on their faces!! First Lester:

Then Smudge:

Yet More Rainbow Progress

Much as I wanted to keep working on the drunkard’s path basket blocks, the rainbow was calling. The last of the reds is now added and the first of the red/purple diamonds are attached in the middle.

I received a prize from the Quilt Festival hosted by Amy at Park City Girl, a $20 certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics. After spending ages looking at the fabrics, I finally settled on some great fabrics and ordered them on Thursday. It was fun to spend some time looking through those fabrics!

It poured and poured rain Thursday night and was quite windy. What did the cats do? Smudge snoozed. This picture gives you a really good idea of just how big he is and the length of his tail. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see his tail almost touches the floor.

I love this shot of Lester. I think it’s one of the best photos of him that we have.

More Rainbow Progress

The oranges are all added and the first of the reds has now been joined to the rainbow. Two more reds, then purples and then the blues. It’s about two feet across at this point at its widest point. I think the rainbow itself is going to end up about 48″ wide.

Thanks to everyone for the ideas on the flannels and the gold Northcott print. I’m thinking that a star of some sort for the Northcott will be the way I go. Now I’m wondering about 9-patch blocks for the flannels. Will have to think on that.

The weather went back to rather chilly on Tuesday and quite damp. We even had to put the heat back on! This is so typical of our weather this time of year.

Lester contemplating a kitty toy that was on the floor.

Smudge posing, as usual, for the camera.

The work-related stress is still there, but I’m trying to just ignore it at this point. Easier said than done, but it’s a situation over which I have no control so it’s rather pointless to let it upset me to the point I don’t even want to stitch!

Rainbow Progress

While I had plans of having all the reds added as well as the oranges by the end of the weekend, only the oranges are finished and a few diamonds in the first of the reds have been added to one end. The rainbow is going to be large! Larger than I think I was anticipating. I don’t want to take any of the fabrics/colours that were chosen out, so if it ends up a bed-sized quilt so be it. At this point I have 3 colours left to join — the reds, the purples and the blues. My guess is it’s going to be twice the size it is now if not a bit more.

Smudge curled up on the loveseat with a teddy bear and Raggedy Ann doll.

Lester under lace.

A Little Progress

The rainbow didn’t grow by much yesterday — just the first row of the yellow into orange and the next orange right in the middle. I love how this is starting to take shape. By the time I get through the oranges and reds, though, it’s going to start getting pretty large.

Our weather forecast is fantastic!! Three days of wonderful glorious warmth, even humidity. They’re forecasting we’re to have humidex readings in the high 20s/low 30s Celsius. Finally!! I know this won’t last at these high temperatures yet, but getting this first taste of real warmth is going to be a huge treat!

Lester snoozing.

And Smudge doing yet another of his lounge lizard imitations.

I am so glad this week is over. It has been a stressful and less than productive one on the work front. Today I’m off to our Creativ Festival. I have a very short list of things I hope to find, including the needles I prefer and some thread. I’m going to take a good look to see if any of the vendors have charm packs of batiks. I have a plan for a quilt that involves lots and lots of batiks. As I’d like to make it totally scrappy and not repeat any one fabric, if I can find a couple of batik charm packs, I’ll have everything I need for the quilt!