Sky Quilt Again

Over the holidays, this project made its reappearance and is on the list of those I want to finish up sooner rather than later. There are  a couple more rows of diamonds to add to the rainbow centre and then I’ll set it together with the four sun blocks.

We didn’t get a picture of the back of the rainbow yet, but I spent a fair bit of time pressing it on the weekend. Once again, I had left the pressing too long. However, now that I’ve got this part pressed I will press after each of the remaining rows are added. Lesson learned once again!

Baxter loves my computer chair. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “My Morris Imitation.”

9 thoughts on “Sky Quilt Again

  1. Oh my word Cathi! This certainly got my attention today when I checked my emails.. Just what the doctor ordered on this bleak very windy dreich day here on the north coast of Scotland!! Sunshine colours!! FABULOUS!! Thank you for the eye candy and I look forward to seeing this one develope 🙂
    Sir Baxter is looking very relaxed and gorgeous in his photo, Bunny hugs to him. Ellyx


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