Little Stars Joined

Last night I got out the box full of little stars and decided to start putting them together. I’m starting with the centre and will work my way out. Right now it sort of looks like it’s going to turn into a Seven Sisters block, but it’s just the first round of many. The row of six joined stars clearly isn’t yet added to the centre star, but I wanted to get a rough idea of the effect and think about how I’d proceed. Now I hope to get the next round added quickly.

Earlier in the day I made a few more stars as I had a rather nasty headache but wanted to stitch. These little 6-point stars are what I almost always decide to make when I want to stitch but don’t want anything too difficult. Do you have a favourite block to stitch?

Baxter’s ruff is getting quite luxurious. We were looking at some of the pictures of him when he was a really small kitten and can’t get over the difference already — and he’s not even 9 months old yet.

13 thoughts on “Little Stars Joined

  1. Baxter is such a beauty, I sure miss my fur friends! I love the look of Seven Sisters, grow to appreciate so many patterns I’d barely given a nod to before, and now realize how dazzling even a simple pattern can be with the right colors and layouts! Hope the headache eases, just no fun and know how much you suffer! Big hugs and wishes for an ebbing of those headaches.


  2. Happy New Year Cathi! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you good health in 2012- for me too!

    Your posts for the New Year are just wonderful! I cannot believe how lovely your work is!
    Baxter is getting cuter (if that is even possible). I just cannot take those pink furry paws! My Cleo has them too and I always play with them-which she hates!
    Actually she is a DIVA and hates just about EVERYTHING unless she decides!


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