Pink and Green Stars

Ever since Inklingo first came out, I’ve been a huge fan of the 60-degree diamonds. When I’m cutting fabrics for other projects, I will often cut off a small piece of fabric just for the 1″ diamonds. Iron the fabric … Continue reading

Seven Sisters and Then Some

While initially I thought I’d turn these into multi-coloured Seven Sisters blocks, the block is turning into a very large family of sisters! So far there are 19 of them. How much further I’ll go with this block I’m not sure. Right now I’m thrilled with it. Of course I am – it’s mostly pink. As those who have read my blog for any length of time know, pink is my favourite colour. I think I was going through withdrawal not having a pink project on which to work. That said, perhaps I’ll add some green or some more purples and mauves or move into the blues. All I know is it’s fun putting these together and goes amazingly quickly.

When I started joining the stars I realized I hadn’t pressed them all in the same direction, so some time had to be spent at the iron. Now they’re all pressed the same way and that makes pressing the back of the block a breeze! Right now the block is about 14.5″ x 13.25″.

We are having an incredibly mild January, so far at least. It feels more like early spring than winter and the forecast seems to indicate it will be like this for the next couple of weeks. A sure sign of this being the oddest of winters? We went for a walk and, rather than seeing snow ploughs (of course not – there has been no snow and no, I’m not complaining), we saw street sweepers out and about. This really makes me wonder what the spring and summer will be like.

Baxter is proving to be a real quilter’s cat. Not only does he lie about under the quilt rack and hoop, he just loves to grab a piece of fabric and run off with it. I’ve found little 6-point stars on the floor. Last night, as I was working on another Feathered Star block, I turned my back for a few moments and there were some of the pieces from that on the floor.

Little Stars Joined

Last night I got out the box full of little stars and decided to start putting them together. I’m starting with the centre and will work my way out. Right now it sort of looks like it’s going to turn into a Seven Sisters block, but it’s just the first round of many. The row of six joined stars clearly isn’t yet added to the centre star, but I wanted to get a rough idea of the effect and think about how I’d proceed. Now I hope to get the next round added quickly.

Earlier in the day I made a few more stars as I had a rather nasty headache but wanted to stitch. These little 6-point stars are what I almost always decide to make when I want to stitch but don’t want anything too difficult. Do you have a favourite block to stitch?

Baxter’s ruff is getting quite luxurious. We were looking at some of the pictures of him when he was a really small kitten and can’t get over the difference already — and he’s not even 9 months old yet.

Stars of Two Sizes

This seems to be my week of working on stars and more stars. The larger purple star is made with 1.5″ diamonds and seems enormous in comparison to the little pink star made with 1″ diamonds.

Finger-pressing as they’re stitched means it only takes one quick press with the iron and they’re done.

There’s a box full of the larger diamonds in varying shades. While I’m not 100 per cent sure yet, I’m pretty sure I’m going to set these with large hexagons.

Baxter spent a lot of time on the windowsill on Wednesday. There were a lot of grackles on the roof garden lawn keeping him entertained.

Still Seeing Stars

Along with the 8-point pink stars, a bevy of colourful 6-point stars are being made. I have some ideas for setting these, but will wait to decide until I have all of them made. Perhaps a multi-colour Seven Sisters quilt?  Or perhaps hexagons and stars? Or perhaps something altogether different. In the meantime, I’m having fun putting these together. They’re very quick to stitch and it’s really satisfying to see the stack of stars grow.

These are all 1″ diamonds ready to be stitched into stars. I have no idea how many stars I’ll end up with or how many quilts might be made using them. While some are ones I printed, the vast majority came from various swaps of fabrics printed with the 1″ diamonds using Inklingo.

Baxter was very interested in the diamonds. Shortly after this picture was taken, a few of the bags containing the diamonds were on the floor.

He’s looking less and less like a little kitten now, although he’s definitely still acting like one.

Wednesday Flowers

Two flowers were made this week — one with 1″ hexagons and one with .50″ hexagons.  To see more flowers made this week, go to the page at Karen’s blog  here where there’s a list of all those making the flowers.

In my ongoing organization, I found these little stars — some of them made by me, some by a friend — made with .50″ diamonds.  That’s a penny on one of the little stars to give an idea of their size.  I have enough of the tiny diamonds printed and cut out to make about another 15 or 20 stars and am playing with the idea of a setting for them that will use 1″ hexagons.  That’s yet another idea that’s going in the ideas book as I’m trying to stay completely focused on the quilt for my aunt.

The back of the little stars.

At the moment, these are the only flowers to be seen on the roof garden.  Tuesday the gardener was busy out there adding soil to the flowerbeds, so I’m wondering if he’ll be doing some planting before the weekend.

There has been a lot of grackle and robin activity on the roof garden for Lester to keep his eye on.

Smudge seems to be not as interested but I have a feeling that if and when the woodpecker shows up, he’ll be on that windowsill in no time.