Seven Sisters and Then Some

While initially I thought I’d turn these into multi-coloured Seven Sisters blocks, the block is turning into a very large family of sisters! So far there are 19 of them. How much further I’ll go with this block I’m not sure. Right now I’m thrilled with it. Of course I am – it’s mostly pink. As those who have read my blog for any length of time know, pink is my favourite colour. I think I was going through withdrawal not having a pink project on which to work. That said, perhaps I’ll add some green or some more purples and mauves or move into the blues. All I know is it’s fun putting these together and goes amazingly quickly.

When I started joining the stars I realized I hadn’t pressed them all in the same direction, so some time had to be spent at the iron. Now they’re all pressed the same way and that makes pressing the back of the block a breeze! Right now the block is about 14.5″ x 13.25″.

We are having an incredibly mild January, so far at least. It feels more like early spring than winter and the forecast seems to indicate it will be like this for the next couple of weeks. A sure sign of this being the oddest of winters? We went for a walk and, rather than seeing snow ploughs (of course not – there has been no snow and no, I’m not complaining), we saw street sweepers out and about. This really makes me wonder what the spring and summer will be like.

Baxter is proving to be a real quilter’s cat. Not only does he lie about under the quilt rack and hoop, he just loves to grab a piece of fabric and run off with it. I’ve found little 6-point stars on the floor. Last night, as I was working on another Feathered Star block, I turned my back for a few moments and there were some of the pieces from that on the floor.

11 thoughts on “Seven Sisters and Then Some

  1. Those stars are looking good, despite the pink 😉

    Baxter cracks me up, and ditto on Winter. I have no idea what’s going on. No heating needed at home, 12 deg C on xmas day, and the weather now is more like what I though Oct should have been. And the only reason I think Autumn at the moment is because of the grey, otherwise I’d say it’s Spring. Oh, and the bulb flowers are akready sprouting, I’m thinking we might have daffodils blooming before the end of Jan at this rate!


  2. Oh Cathi! I love this little project of yours. The colours are so warm and comforting… Love them.
    Baxter is a little rascal, LOL, running off with your pieces. Bunnyhugs to him. Ellyx


  3. I am way behind on reading your blog:) Look how big Baxter is! Kittens grow up way too fast!! I love how Baxter “helps” your quilting by hiding blocks & fabric. Sneaky kitty!


  4. This is one of those quilts that’s on my to do list some day.

    We too are having a spring like winter. Unfortunately some of the trees and flowers are confused too and with a long cold snap, Spring will not bring many flowers.



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