A Quintet of Pickled Ladies

The additions for the Pickled Ladies quilt are underway.

The second addition.

The third addition.

The fourth addition.

The fifth addition. Just about 20 more to go and I’ll be finished with the additions.

Baxter is fascinated by pens. If Mr. Q.O. leaves his puzzle and pen within paw’s reach, this is what happens. What isn’t shown is that shortly after this photo was taken, Baxter had the pen down on the floor. Pens and fabric, he just can’t resist them.

11 thoughts on “A Quintet of Pickled Ladies

  1. Beautiful Cathi! What a great way to showcase all the pretty florals you have. Love the photo of Baxter, I can see why they would be so tempting. Just his size to manage and light enough to flip around. He’s such a hoot! I know he keeps your days full of smiles and snuggles.


  2. That is going to be once absolutely stunningly gorgeous quilt once you have it done. And what an amazing amount of work you’ve put into it. I learned a long time ago never to leave my pens and pencils lying around. Especially pencils. My favourite pencil has been missing for over a year – I suspect it’s under the oven. Ginger loves carrying pencils around in her mouth. When she gets tired of that, she plays hockey with them in the kitchen.


  3. I love love love love love the way you’re fussy printing these blocks. Oh yes yes yes I do. …and I happen to think ( have it on authority ) that no matter what it is that darn cat will get into it. Just sayin’…


  4. What a pretty collection! For some reason, Baxter’s pic wouldn’t load – he’s found such a good hiding place, we can’t see him. Pens and pencils are not safe here either, they are great fun to knock onto the floor.


  5. You’re just amazing, Cathi! These are beautiful additions. Jasper likes to play with pens, too. In fact, he will clear a table or counter of whatever is in his way. Then he peers down at the floor like how did that get there?


  6. I LOVE all your additions! That will be one stunning quilt!

    There must be something to pens and pencils and cats because mine are that way also. I think the fact that they see you handling them makes them want them and also the fact that they tend to roll around on the desk makes them a potential moveable toy. Mine grab my computer mouse also and try to move it around. Always into something!


  7. Each block is as lovely as the next. I was going to say the second one was my favorite but as I scrolled down it became too hard to choose :0)



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