Stars of Two Sizes

This seems to be my week of working on stars and more stars. The larger purple star is made with 1.5″ diamonds and seems enormous in comparison to the little pink star made with 1″ diamonds.

Finger-pressing as they’re stitched means it only takes one quick press with the iron and they’re done.

There’s a box full of the larger diamonds in varying shades. While I’m not 100 per cent sure yet, I’m pretty sure I’m going to set these with large hexagons.

Baxter spent a lot of time on the windowsill on Wednesday. There were a lot of grackles on the roof garden lawn keeping him entertained.

9 thoughts on “Stars of Two Sizes

  1. I wish I had boxes of star parts! I know, it means, “just do it”! They will look so nice when you have them done! Just a little something for ol’ Baxter to chew! At least the birds keep him entertained and out of your piecing for a while!


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