Inspiration Finally Struck

For the past few years, I’ve had these set aside – two charm packs and a yard of one of the fabrics – waiting for an idea. Every few months, I’d get them out and look at them hoping for inspiration.

On the weekend, thanks to a new Inklingo collection of squares that are designed to go with this collection of HSTs, inspiration finally struck. I’m going to make a quilt composed of a couple of different sizes of square in a square blocks.

These blocks finish at 5″ and are made using the 3.53″ square with the 2.5″ HST. I’ll also make some 2.5″ blocks using the 1.77″ square with the 1.25″ HST and perhaps two more sizes, just for the sheer fun of making them.

They go together very quickly and press like a dream.

Baxter is definitely becoming a real quilter’s cat. Here is he lounging beneath the quilt rack and draped over the base of the floor hoop. His favourite toy, Cappy, is also close by.

11 thoughts on “Inspiration Finally Struck

  1. WOW! What gorgeous fabrics πŸ™‚ I think your idea of using them in the square in a square block will show them to full beautifulness πŸ™‚

    Bunny nose rubs to Kitty Baxter who is looking very handsome πŸ™‚ Ellyx


  2. Hello Cathi, I see that you are doing a lot of sewing so I guess this means that you are feeling good!? I hope all is well.
    The stars are lovely and I really like the large star-gorgeous!! That charm pack looks great-I cannot wait to see the finished quilt!
    I finally saw a real Maine Coon kitty on the weekend. She has the same coloring as Baxter-her name is Tallulah and she is amazing!! What a beautiful cat and what fantastic personality!! I totally love her!! She is the same age as Baxter and so funny! I thought of him immediately!!


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