Flannel Quilt Finish

On the weekend, I got the flannel top quilted and bound. The label went on and it was washed and dried yesterday afternoon. Now it’s on its way to its intended recipient. It finished at 56″ x 64″.

Machine quilting it was definitely a case of fabric wrestling. I am so spoiled now using the silk batts that I really noticed how much heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre the cotton batt was. That’s the trade-off, I suppose, for the ease of basting a fusible batt. It ended up as a totally machine-made quilt, other than tacking down the binding, which is totally unusual for me. However, it also made me more confident about my  machine piecing skills.

Putting the binding on was fun. It was lovely and warm and was a true cat magnet. Baxter landed on my lap almost the minute I started tacking the binding down and stayed put for much longer than he usually does. Clearly a little flannel quilt is a must just for him.

19 thoughts on “Flannel Quilt Finish

  1. Wow! you did the flannel quilt fast! Looks like Baxter has claimed it. You may have to do another one for Mr. QO. Can I send you a few quilts to bind for me?


  2. Oh, it turned out so pretty!!!! You did a great job Cathi! I made a little flannel quilt for my pups years ago. It was the only shaggy, raggy type quilt I”ve ever made and they LOVE it to this day, sleep with it daily. I really like this pattern. I know your arms are tired after this one, but it sure will be enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient.


  3. Flannel quilts are a cat magnet. I made one for my brother & sister-in-law and it was constantly occupied by the cats. I have a flannel rag quilt for the couch that comes out with cold weather and is so soft and fluffy. I think it will be making an appearance soon.


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