One Big Star

The scrappy star is still growing. With this latest round of diamonds it’s now almost 32″. Each round is taking longer to add, but I’m determined to get it to around 45″. Then I’ll add some elements to turn it into a rectangular quilt that can be used as a lap quilt. At least that’s the current plan.

It’s also taking longer to press after each round.

Baxter was determined to get in the picture.

Earlier in the day he was watching squirrels playing in the trees out on the roof garden. I think he looks like he’s smiling.

17 thoughts on “One Big Star

  1. P.S.
    Forgot to say… LOOK AT ALL THOSE FABRICS!~ I bet this will be a fun quilt to look back on through the years and remember different fabrics. I love the background fabric. Baxter is beautiful and this gives us an idea of the size~for boTH!


  2. Another who is enjoying watching the star grow! and watching Baxter’s antics too…..he is definitely smiling, content with his lot in life. Heavens, look at the size of those paws!


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