Still Seeing Stars

Along with the 8-point pink stars, a bevy of colourful 6-point stars are being made. I have some ideas for setting these, but will wait to decide until I have all of them made. Perhaps a multi-colour Seven Sisters quilt?  Or perhaps hexagons and stars? Or perhaps something altogether different. In the meantime, I’m having fun putting these together. They’re very quick to stitch and it’s really satisfying to see the stack of stars grow.

These are all 1″ diamonds ready to be stitched into stars. I have no idea how many stars I’ll end up with or how many quilts might be made using them. While some are ones I printed, the vast majority came from various swaps of fabrics printed with the 1″ diamonds using Inklingo.

Baxter was very interested in the diamonds. Shortly after this picture was taken, a few of the bags containing the diamonds were on the floor.

He’s looking less and less like a little kitten now, although he’s definitely still acting like one.

13 thoughts on “Still Seeing Stars

  1. The starts are wonderful and it is so good to have you and your postings back! You and Baxter were missed! It looks like you enjoy printing fabrics as much as stitching them. Isn’t Inklingo great??!!


  2. This one I will be watching with anticipation. I got a 30’s hexagon quilt top off of ebay (in the last century) that was in rough condition when I got it, the piecer turned the stars into hexagons with randomly colored backgrounds – some solid, some not, some usning fabric that had previously been used as a star – so the effect is almost liked a “blended” quilt. As I quilted/mended it, it was fun to “find” stars.


  3. That pile of stars is really going to twinkle when you get all of those put together!
    Baxter cannot be trusted, the outside leaves can’t be reached, but a pile of tiny fabric pieces can really be fun to play with! 🙂


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