I’m Seeing Stars

Pink stars, that is. Not sure what these are going to turn into, but making these stars just seemed to have to happen. So far there are 16 of them. They will be 6″ if finished as LeMoyne Star blocks but that’s completely undecided at this point.

They may end up as the centres of a different block altogether.  Or perhaps they’re going to be a border on something else. I’m really just having fun making stars.

Baxter has been very busy the past week, chasing leaves as they fly by the window and watching as the gardeners prepared the flowerbeds on the roof garden for the winter. Here he was relaxing on the couch.

Last week I was dealing with fatigue from a treatment. I can feel my energy level increasing and am looking forward to getting back to blogging this week.

12 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Stars

  1. Hi Cathi,

    Glad to see you are back. Sure missed you everyday. I love your stars. I am always buying material with stars on it. It is a busy time for Baxter with all the wind we have been having. Our cat was busy chasing leaves too. I think he thought it might be a mouse.

    Have a great day.


  2. So happy you’re back! Your blog is the one I look for first every day, it’s so exciting to see what you’ve come up with each day! Hope you’re feeling great very soon.
    Baxter just can’t get enough of that leaf chasing, can he?
    I can’t wait to see what incredible solution you come up with using those pink stars! 🙂


  3. So happy your energy level is increasing and you feel up to blogging Cathi!
    These stars look like little falling leaves ~Watch out for Baxter, he will be attracted to them. 🙂 Very pretty!


  4. Wonderful to read your blog and hear that your energy is returning. I wonder what Baxter is going to do when the leaves are gone and the snowflakes start falling. I’m smiling just thinking about it.


  5. What pretty stars! My goodness, Baxter has grown since we have last seen him……he is looking very grown-up, definitely lost the little kitten look and become a cat. Does he have odd-coloured eyes, or it just a trick of the light? We have an odd-eyed white cat.


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