Diamonds, Diamonds and More Diamonds

Not a lot of stitching has been done this week, although I now have enough diamonds joined into pairs to start the next round on the scrappy star top. As the scrappy star has grown, I’ve found it easier to put them together into pairs and then, once the placement is figured out, join the pairs into sets for each of the 8 segments.

It’s definitely looking like fall now.

This birch tree has now lost almost all its leaves.

This is a shot of Queen’s Park, a park near our building. Some of the trees still have their gorgeous fall colours.

Baxter was watching me stitch. We think this is his Morris look.

7 thoughts on “Diamonds, Diamonds and More Diamonds

  1. Definitely, fall has arrived! Have you brought a couple of leaves inside for Baxter to practice catching them? When one of our late cats was a kitten she loved catching falling leaves, particularly if wind sent the leaves rolling along the path.


  2. Ooohhhhh… those fall leaves are so pretty! I love when you show us your gorgeous area. Good idea about putting them into pairs! I wondered how you were managing it. I still want to make this at some point. Just so many Christmas quilts to make here. I will though. HA!~ That Baxter, he’s so smart. Mr. Q.O. should photoshop a pair of glasses on him. lol


  3. What a beautiful fall scene. Your picing is so precise. Thank you for all the Baxter photos. He is so beuatiful. We have a quilting day with my goup. I wish we had a cat like Baxter to watch.


  4. Last week, some of our trees had great lasting color–and after a day or so of rain and wind, most of the color is on my lawn!

    Sorry to read of your diagnosis, but glad they found an answer for you. Amazing that you’ve had this for 20 years–you’re obviously a strong woman. Baxter and Mr. QO are the best support system ever; the docs come in second place!


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