Scrappy Star Squared

All four corners are added to the scrappy star. Now it’s a matter of the borders. There will be multiple borders on this, at least two of which are going to be pieced. Right now it measures approximately 36″ square. The final size I’m not sure about yet, but it will tell me when it’s finished.

Most of what I need for the pieced borders is contained in these two boxes. That is, of course, unless I decide to add more pieced borders than I’ve currently got planned.

I haven’t graded the seams on this quilt top. As there are so many little pieces in it which means a lot of seam allowances, I’ll start working on this sometime soon and definitely before the pieced borders get added. As the pieced borders are made, they’re going to be graded right away.

And no, don’t ask — I have no idea how many pieces are in it so far and am almost afraid to check. I have kept detailed notes on the making of this quilt so far and will keep adding to those notes but I’m not looking at the total of the pieces until it’s done.

Baxter loves to get in little hiding spots. Perhaps he thinks that we can’t see him and then will be able to spring out and surprise us?

9 thoughts on “Scrappy Star Squared

  1. Almost there! Great looking quilt!
    Baxter is just looking for those little pieces of quilt blocks that dropped in between a box or two and he can chew, chew, chew out of sight!


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