Two More Red & White Blocks

I love stitching these blocks. Eight of them are now done so only four left to stitch and then the first pieced border. I’m contemplating another pieced border, but will make that decision when the top is together.

All the pieces for the remaining four blocks and the first pieced border are ready to stitch and in this shoebox. I know, I know — a shoebox is hardly elegant enough for this, but it’s the best size and it works. The pieces won’t be in there long at all as this is one quilt top that I definitely want to finish sooner rather than later. The sheet I printed out from the Feathered Star Design Book, which is the perfect reference tool for stitching the blocks, is tucked in at the side of the box along with the spool of red thread I’m using for this project.

Each block takes about 3 evenings to stitch but, as there are lots of opportunities for continuous stitching in both the Sunflower and Feathered Star portions of the blocks, it seems to fly by.

One of the by-products of making these blocks are all these wonderful little pieces from cutting out the HSTs. I know most people would throw them out, but I’m saving them and have a plan for making Christmas cards with them as to me they look like little snowflakes. They’re just too cute to toss.

This is a sheet that I’ve printed, on which you can see, if you click on the photo to enlarge it, the HSTs and where the little snowflakes appear.

And what did the shoebox used to contain? These fun runners. I couldn’t resist them when I saw them in the store. Who says comfortable footwear can’t be fun? And they’re nice and bright which helps cheer up the grey days of winter.

Baxter is definitely looking like a grown-up cat now, particularly in this photo. He may look that way, but he’s still definitely acting like a kitten.

9 thoughts on “Two More Red & White Blocks

  1. Love the blocks! I can totally see why it would take 3 nights to stitch one together. The first thing I thought of when I saw the little remnants was snowflakes. What a terrific idea for cards… love the shoes! Baxter is growing and does look like an adult cat now.


  2. Nice blocks! I love those snowflake pieces! You could applique those on to a block, maybe.
    With those shoes, they will see you coming! Fun! You need to have those on to keep up with that big kitty who is hiding behind a cat body. 🙂


  3. Love those stars, and you’re right – you couldn’t possible throw away those little snowflakes. I have many shoe boxes in my sewing room, they make great storage and stack together well, you could always cover them with something pretty if you wished. Your shoes are great too, I haven’t seen them here. Hugs to Baxter this summer morning!


  4. I love your new walking shoes! LOVE them! Maybe Mr. Q.O. could take a photo of you in them. They are GREAT! So glad you got them for yourself. You know, it really is the little things…
    This quilt is going to be a show stopper! So neat to have little bits of usable pieces too.
    I’ve said it all along and I now I see Shelley has reinforced my thoughts..
    that Baxter needs to be in commercials! Yes, I’d buy anything he was selling!


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