Slow Progress

And I mean very slow progress! Although I had all the little white and red triangle units done and the four-patch units completed, I could only manage to sew  one of these 9-patch blocks last night. Why so slow? Because … Continue reading

Trouble Ahead!!

Over the weekend I got all the little triangle units pieced for the red and white mini quilt and one of the four-patch units made. It won’t take long now to get the three additional red and white blocks made. … Continue reading

Red and White Small Quilt To Be

I had hopes, at the beginning of the year, of getting this, my red and white Canadian Starburst quilt (made with Feathered Stars and Sunflowers) , quilted in time for Canada Day as this is such a special Canada Day … Continue reading

My Red and White Quilt Top

The red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt top, that is.  It had actually been finished for a week but it was too windy to be able to get a decent shot of it out on the roof garden until Friday … Continue reading

Another Baker’s Dozen of the Tiny Drunkard’s Path Blocks

These were done over the past 5 or 6 days. Sometimes I’ll just thread a needle with one length of the cream heirloom thread I’m using for these and stitch until it’s done. Then I go back to whatever else … Continue reading

Five of One, Half A Dozen of Another

Yes, I know the saying is six of one, half a dozen of another but only five of the little Drunkard’s Path units were finished so …

Yesterday there was a question about the matching/registration points on the 2″ Drunkard’s Path blocks. As a picture tells the story much better than words could, I took this picture of the back of two pieces showing just how many matching points there are. You can really see them if you click on the photo to enlarge it. Those matching points are the secret to perfect curved piecing. Pin, stitch to pin, move pin, stitch to pin and so on. And the curves are perfect every time!

The half a dozen?

Half a dozen of the red and white Texas stars. Remember them? Last time I showed this project, an entire row wasn’t yet done. Since then it has grown to three complete rows (I’m joining them as I go) and with these six and a couple more I’ll soon have the fourth row done and attached.

It presses beautifully. I realized as I pressed the six that I haven’t been grading the seams on this one as I went so some time will be spent on the weekend doing just that. I don’t want to take any chances on the deep red shadowing through the white on this one.

This is our long Victoria Day weekend and the weather forecast couldn’t be better. Hot and sunny. Who could ask for more on the first long weekend of the season?

Baxter on “his” quilt. He loves to sit up there in the evening.

Progress Report and a Question

The last time I showed this box it was more or less stuffed full and that was even after three-quarters of the main body of the quilt was done. Now the box is empty enough I had to put another box in there to prop up the glassine envelopes holding the remaining blocks to be pieced for the border. So progress is being made!

After looking at the red and white quilt exhibit app, I started looking through one of my favourite quilt books and came across this. There are other red and white quilts in the book as well and they all stand out because of the fabulous contrast.

The book is never far from reach as I spend tons of time looking through it and admiring the amazing quilts in it.

Yesterday of course I spent altogether too much time playing with the iPad. Aside from spending loads of time looking through the red and white quilts on that app, I found myself looking at my and other blogs.

When I was looking at my blog I realized that certain elements are left out when viewed on a tablet, which has me thinking about yet another blog facelift so that my blog does appear the same on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Which brings me to a question. If you have a tablet, do you use it to visit blogs?

Thanks to a comment left yesterday, Baxter has his very own app on the iPad – a game for a cat. He’s quite interested in watching it. Made us laugh watching him watching it!

Red and White Quilt

The main body of the Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt top is finished, all stitched by hand. The last stitch joining the blocks was taken Friday evening. Two of the pieced blocks for one of the borders are done, but there are still many to go. Right now it measures 60 x 80. It doesn’t look its best draped over the sofa, but I was so excited it was done that I had to share!

I had hoped we could get out on the roof garden to take photos but they haven’t opened it yet. Maybe Wednesday, when our forecast high is an unbelievably warm 25C, they’ll open access to the roof garden and we can get a good photo of the top.

I feel almost compelled to finish this quilt before I work on anything else, which is so unusual for me. My vision of how this top will look when complete is driving me to keep working on it so I can see the actual finished top. If I stick with it, I think I can have the top finished within 2 weeks.


This is a slight rant, so if you want to see Baxter’s daily picture just scroll down. I won’t be insulted.

Can anyone tell me why on earth Canada Post is now slower than a carrier pigeon would be? I don’t mean with packages which always take a long time. I’m talking about plain ordinary everyday business mail. An envelope that was mailed to me from about half a mile away took 18 days to arrive. Another business envelope was mailed last Monday, from about the same distance, and still has yet to arrive. And for this we pay a high price for postage? No wonder Canada Post is sometimes called Canada Storage!

I’ve thought for a long time that we live in an area that’s a black hole when it comes to mail. I dread mailing things as I never feel the least bit secure that they’ll arrive in a timely manner, if at all. But this has been the final straw for me. I think from now on I’ll forego using the post office altogether and depend on UPS or some other courier service.

Okay. Rant over. Back to our normal programming.


I heard a robin out on the roof garden on the weekend. Practically fell over myself racing to the window to see it and there it was, on the lawn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a robin this early. We are having temperatures that feel more like early summer than the end of winter and are breaking records. This has been the winter that wasn’t for us and it has been wonderful. But it does make me wonder what our summer will be like and what it may mean for the farmers as there was so little precipitation during the winter.

Baxter has had a lot to keep him occupied on the windowsill. Grackles, robins, squirrels and something that he seems to see out on the roof garden at night, although we can’t see what it is that has him so fascinated.