Red and White Small Quilt To Be

I had hopes, at the beginning of the year, of getting this, my red and white Canadian Starburst quilt (made with Feathered Stars and Sunflowers) , quilted in time for Canada Day as this is such a special Canada Day on July 1st, 2017 when Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday. But that was not to be.

However, all hope of a little red and white quilt is not lost! When I was putting the Harpsichord Quilt project box away, I noticed a box with its lid slightly askew and knew I had an opportunity to make a small red and white quilt in time!

This is what I spied when I saw that lid just ever so slightly open, enticing me to look in. And when I opened it?

This is what I found! Lovely red and white blocks and fabric and pieces. Four blocks done so far, made with the same red fabric as in Canadian Starburst.

The pieces for another ready to sew together.

A sheet of white fabric printed with tris for more. I enhanced this photo a lot so that the lines would be visible.

As well as a strip of the red fabric printed with the some tris. There was nothing I could do to enhance this one so the lines could be seen, but I can see them just fine when sewing.  Edited to Add:  On second look today, those tris are not for that block. Rather, they’re pieces from making the 6″ Sunflowers that are in Canadian Starburst and I just may have enough there to start another little red and white sunflower too!

And a few more triangle units like this pieced and ready for yet another block.

And more than enough of the red fabric left that I can print what I need for a few more blocks and still have some for yet another little red and white quilt. I saved every little scrap of this red fabric from the Canadian Starburst quilt, as I loved working with it and knew my chances of ever finding more were slim to none. Now I will use a bit of this. I made miles of binding for Canadian Starburst, so I can use a little of that to bind this small top.

So I will definitely be making a few more of these wonderful red and white blocks and, while I am still determined to keep working on getting the Pickled Ladies border finished, the red and white blocks are going to be top priority as I want this little quilt done in time for July 1st.

“Canada Day Prep.”

Jake was intently watching out the window yesterday, even though it was a rather chilly day. Real summer weather can’t come soon enough for me!

Baxter seems to be mostly leaving window time to Jake during the day, while he takes over at night. Oh, of course he does – when it’s next to impossible to get a good photo without using a flash. So a shot of him reclining on the sofa just has to do!

10 thoughts on “Red and White Small Quilt To Be

  1. You just keep on surprising me with these photos of “mystery boxes”. How about a shot of where you keep them all. It just might help me not feel worried when confronted with my own containers!

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    • I can’t really take a photo of where the project boxes are as they’re not all in one spot. Some are in a clothes closet (that’s where the last two have come from), some are beneath my sewing table and some are tucked away on a bookshelf!


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