The Harpsichord Quilt Project

When I looked in the Storm at Sea project box last week, I found there was one glassine envelope in there that didn’t quite belong.

That led me to finding the Harpsichord Quilt project box.  Clearly, the lid was barely on.

When I opened it, what did I find?

Another partially finished block. At least I didn’t leave this one with a threaded needle in it! I think I’ve concluded that new Inklingo collections were released when I was in the midst of these uncompleted blocks and, knowing me, I just dropped everything to go play with the new collection shapes.

Underneath that was a stack of blocks that have been completed.

Beneath those was the one long strip of the blocks that have been joined. I remember that after I had put together this partial row I decided to stop joining them until I had all the blocks done so that I could move colours around to my liking.

Beneath that strip of blocks was this pile of the fabrics used in the Harpsichord Quilt. When I began this project back in 2009 I decided to keep those fabrics isolated and in the project box in case I needed to print the pieces for some more blocks.

Beneath that group of fabrics? At least a dozen of those glassine envelopes have the pieces all ready for a minimum of 6 blocks in each one – most of that dozen have the pieces for 9 or more blocks. And the rest of those glassine envelopes contain all the printed pieces I need for more blocks. I remember planning the quilt when the Inklingo  .75″ Octagon collection was released with the shapes needed for the Lucy Boston Keyboard Patchwork. I had fallen in love with that quilt in the book, The Patchworks of Lucy Boston, and so was thrilled to have an Inklingo collection to make it. And I know that project has sat mostly untouched since 2013. I may have made a block or two a year since then, but not more than that. There are many blocks that need still to be done and I’m determined to finish it!

So now I’m giving myself a triple challenge. For each wonderful pink peony block, I am going to finish a Stormy Seas block and a Harpsichord Quilt block. Neither of them involve curved piecing, which may be another reason they got abandoned, but now they will be done in concert with some wonderful pink curved piecing. So maybe, just maybe, as the Peony Quilt gets worked on and done, not only will I have the Stormy Seas blocks finished but also quite a few more of the Harpsichord Quilt blocks. And it will be paired with another curved piecing project when I finish the Peony Quilt and I’ll just repeat that for as long as it takes to finish the Harpsichord Quilt.

I may be getting close to the end of finding unfinished projects that still need blocks sewn. Maybe. We’ll see. I think there are at least two other projects that have all the blocks sewn but not yet joined. I’m not looking for them right now though! For now, my plan after I finish the Pickled Ladies Quilt is to concentrate on just these three projects – Peony Quilt, Harpsichord Quilt and Stormy Seas. But all bets are off on me sticking with that plan if a new Inklingo collection comes out while I’m working on those!

“Harpsichord Recital”

Jake had one of his favourite toys draped over him yesterday afternoon.

While Baxter was posing on the windowsill.

12 thoughts on “The Harpsichord Quilt Project

  1. Morning Cathi, two is the most I will be able to do.
    gorgeous weather here. Close to 90. Baxter never tires of posing, and Jake looks cuddly.
    Thats an interesting block. How long does it take to sew each bloc ?


    • I used to jump from one project to another and have upwards of five or six on the go at once, which got me nowhere usually as I’d end up finding a new one and would drop all of them. So I’m hoping I can stick with these three as they all need to get done!

      I don’t know how long it takes to make one of those blocks as it has been so long that I can’t remember. Maybe I’ll sew one tonight while we watch the baseball game and see how long it takes.




    • You’ve been following my blog long enough to know just how easily distracted I am!! I know there are other boxes lurking out there but I am not going to go look for them – three projects on the go may be too many as it is! And we all know what happens the second there’s a new Inklingo collection – I’ll be off to the races with yet another idea. Galloping startitis – that’s what happens with me!




    • I know the problem I’m going to run into – I’ll be so much more wanting to work on the Peony Quilt that I’m going to have to force myself to stick with this plan because working with pink and curved piecing is just so much more enticing, but those other two quilts really do need to get finished. Particularly the Stormy Seas one as I know it’s going to be fabulous when it’s done and I’m really not that far off finishing the blocks.




  2. Baxter, your ears up and carefully listening for anything that takes your fancy. More blocks, this way they all get a turn, and will give you some lovely distractions as you work on one then the other.


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