More Red & White

I made one of the little 6″ blocks over the past couple of nights, just to see how long it takes me to make a block – all hand piecing, of course. Once I knew that, I knew I wanted to make a few more. As of now I have six completed blocks, which would result in a little quilt that was 12″ x 18″ assuming I added nothing in the way of a border.

But I wanted to make it larger. So I measured the pieces of that red fabric I had left and, although I hoped against hope I had enough, there just wasn’t what I needed for six more blocks. But there was enough for three more. So I’ll have a 18″ square little quilt, although I think I will add a small white border and perhaps even some white sashing, although I’m not going to decide that until the blocks are done. There are still a few very small pieces of the red fabric left for use in some other very tiny quilt at some point.

So I had a quick look through the Index of Inklingo shapes to figure out which of the Inklingo PDF collections I needed to open for the shapes I needed, and then I put the printer to work. First I printed some white 2″ squares. (Yes, I print my squares as I am SO spoiled by the sewing lines that I don’t want to be without them!)

Then some red 1″ squares.

And finally some 1″ triangles.

I’ll be able to finish those three additional blocks by this time next week and then put my little Canada Day quilt together and get it quilted in time for Canada Day!

“Clam Printer”

Jake was on the windowsill yesterday. I think this is one of the best photos I’ve got of him lately.

Baxter had taken over the cat tree. I gave up trying to interpret what this look might mean!

6 thoughts on “More Red & White

  1. Morning Cathi, talk about mini. That fabric you picked is perfect.
    um….I can’t grab hold of Baxters look either… but possibly … drunk? Lol!


    • I was thinking that it wasn’t really a mini and briefly – but only briefly – thought about making a few blocks that were half that size! The red of that fabric is SO close to the red in our flag that I can’t quite believe it! Although the pictures I took last night aren’t great – it shows really, really well in natural light.

      I think Baxter’s look may have been his king of the castle look, sort of a “don’t mess with me” type of look!




  2. I have never really been able to get my head around Inklingo. Does it print the cut line and the seam line on the back of the fabric? Your blocks are always fabulous and your fabric choices are amazing. I started to be a ditz and ask if you could add some blue, I kept seeing blue, too and could not for the life of me see where and then I had a visual of the Maple Leaf. Boy was I asleep at the wheel. I know the Aussie have blue and maybe it was something from their flag that kept flashing as well as the Royals. I was not trying to be demeaning or ugly – I was just stupid. Sorry. You can tell the answer is NO! or you can ask me if I, an America, can put GREEN in my flag for our day. Your work is beautiful and amazing. I just don’t have the patience for that right now. Good luck on a fantastic finish!


    • Inklingo prints both the cutting and sewing lines as well as matching points on the sewing lines. It makes it easy to sew perfect blocks every time – and I know I wouldn’t be sewing anywhere near this successfully without, certainly not all the curved piecing I so love and the minis. I can’t even fathom trying to make most of the blocks I love making without Inklingo. Why not download the free collection and try it? It truly is free and it gives you all the shapes for a 4.5” LeMoyne Star plus bonus shapes and all sorts of info on printing on fabric, although it’s so much easier than you can imagine. Basically, you just iron your fabric to freezer paper with a hot, dry iron and feed that through an ordinary inkjet printer! There are lots of tutorials on printing for the first time on the Inklingo website and in the chapter on printing from the Inklingo Handbook, which chapter is included in that free download, and Linda Franz, the inventor of Inklingo, responds to e-mails very, very quickly and is wonderful to deal with. The collections are just large PDF files so it’s not software that you’re downloading. Just open the collection with Adobe Reader and you’re off to the races. There’s a small pattern called Tilde’s Tiny Totes which is also a free download, that has really encouraged a lot of first-time users of Inklingo to actually try printing for the first time.

      Years and years ago, we had the Canadian Ensign as our flag which had the Union Jack in it, so we did have a red, white and blue flag of sorts. But now we have our fabulous red and white maple leaf flag and there are a lot of red and white quilts being made this year in Canada, to celebrate our 150th birthday. 🙂


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