Trouble Ahead!!

Over the weekend I got all the little triangle units pieced for the red and white mini quilt and one of the four-patch units made. It won’t take long now to get the three additional red and white blocks made. In fact, I’m relatively sure I can get them done by the end of this week. And there are now only four more black and white NYB blocks left to make and I think I might be able to get them finished this week as well.

And it’s a very good thing that’s so, because there is definitely trouble ahead!

Big trouble!

Very big trouble!!

On the weekend, on the Inklingo Facebook page, we saw this photo of a test block designed and made by Linda Franz, the inventor of Inklingo (photo posted with permission from Linda). It’s called Ribbon Flower. It’s a design that I’ve been in love with since I first saw it in the Inklingo Idea Book, a free download that’s full of inspiration, and have been so hoping that a collection would be released for it. And now? Now, there is a collection coming in a few weeks!

See why do I say there’s trouble ahead? Because all that curved piecing and the fun picking out fabrics to make Ribbon Flower will be my undoing and the Peony Quilt may have very stiff competition at keeping my attention – although I do want to make it.

But Ribbon Flower? I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun that’s going to be to piece and watch those beautiful blocks come together! Waiting a few weeks for the collection to be released is going to feel like a very, very, very long time!

So I’m on a deadline now. I am going to get the red and white blocks finished this week, because I am determined to have the little red and white quilt ready for Canada Day on July 1. I want to finish sewing the last four New York Beauty blocks as finishing the Pickled Ladies quilt top is also top priority.


Jake was on the windowsill again.

While Baxter was snoozing on the top level of the kitty tree.

18 thoughts on “Trouble Ahead!!

  1. I too love love the ribbon flower! How can I get the pattern of that block? I am not pc nor iPad user. Need old fashioned pattern and pencil directions. Is that possible to obtain?


    • Inklingo collections are very, very easy to use. Just printing on an ordinarily inkjet printer either on fabric or freezer paper. There are loads of quilters using Inklingo who are not computer geeks – it truly is easy as can be. Why don’t you download the Inklingo free collection, which has lots of great information in it. It’s a great start to using Inklingo and then you’ll be ready for Ribbon Flower when the collection is released.


    • Ha, ha, ha – not a chance. Now that I know the collection’s coming, I’ll be watching with baited breath to see the announcement of the collection!! We all know how easily distracted I am – and this collection would distract me no matter what!




  2. Oh Cathi, better you than me……if that’s trouble… that’s the kind of trouble that’s welcomed. Soo pretty…. purples, greens, and golds….


    • It is fabulous, isn’t it? I cannot wait for the collection to be released so I can start on it. I’m thinking pinks and soft greens and – oh, who knows! It will be fun!!




    • I know! It’s really captured my imagination – all that fabulous curved piecing and the effects one can get with fabric shades?? I’ll be printing the second it’s released!!

      Mr. Q.O. has a variety of illustration and drawing apps that he uses on his iMac and on the iPad. I’ve watched him do them and it’s fascinating. All I tell him is a bit about what the subject of the blog post is going to be and he’s off to the races.




  3. I’m with you Cathi!! The Ribbon Flower block is a “Must Do”. I’m slowly progressing with my COTDN Mystery and hopefully will have it done by the time Linda offers the new Collection. Love your work….always inspirational. Betsy


    • Just seeing that first Ribbon Flower block Linda did really captures the imagination, doesn’t it? I know it’s going to be impossible for me to resist, so I have to get two things finished before the collection’s released because I will not be able to resist starting right away! Thank you for the lovely compliment.


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