Progress Report and a Question

The last time I showed this box it was more or less stuffed full and that was even after three-quarters of the main body of the quilt was done. Now the box is empty enough I had to put another box in there to prop up the glassine envelopes holding the remaining blocks to be pieced for the border. So progress is being made!

After looking at the red and white quilt exhibit app, I started looking through one of my favourite quilt books and came across this. There are other red and white quilts in the book as well and they all stand out because of the fabulous contrast.

The book is never far from reach as I spend tons of time looking through it and admiring the amazing quilts in it.

Yesterday of course I spent altogether too much time playing with the iPad. Aside from spending loads of time looking through the red and white quilts on that app, I found myself looking at my and other blogs.

When I was looking at my blog I realized that certain elements are left out when viewed on a tablet, which has me thinking about yet another blog facelift so that my blog does appear the same on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Which brings me to a question. If you have a tablet, do you use it to visit blogs?

Thanks to a comment left yesterday, Baxter has his very own app on the iPad – a game for a cat. He’s quite interested in watching it. Made us laugh watching him watching it!

12 thoughts on “Progress Report and a Question

  1. I sort of thought progress on the quilts would go downhill after hearing about that new toy! But what a good alternative to sewing! 🙂
    That is a great book! A must have, I bought the book and then found another one and gave it to a Canadian customer of mine who absolutely loved it!
    You’ll have to watch Baxter so he keeps his paws off of that app!
    Way too much fun!
    No tablet here for me 😦


  2. I love my IPad!!!!!!!! Have found I don’t get on the desktop very often any longer. Use it only for Inklingo and my machine embroidery, or if there is something I need to save as I don’t have a printer for the IPad.


  3. Very interesting about the Ontario’s quilt history book maybe I will have to look into that one. I can get that red and white app for my android, tomorrow. Love that look on Baxter it’s the “You’re kidding me right?”, and I am NOT impressed! look. It is a funny one to see.


  4. Except for those which I can have delivered to my e-mail (such as yours), I view all the blogs I follow on my iPad, in bed before I go to sleep. 😉 Being an old-fashioned girl (relatively speaking), I don’t care for the Swipe option that comes up on my tablet when going to a blog. I always look for the itty bitty letters that say “View Standard Site”, and then pretty much see the same as I would on my laptop.

    P.S That looks like a great book!


  5. that was an amazing quilt show. I went with my daughter and it brought tears to my eyes to be in the presence of all of those works of art lovingly collected by one lady.

    I use an app called flipshare to view blogs and Facebook and twitter on both iPad and iPad. It has a very pleasant interface.


  6. Oh wow!~ I’ll have to look for this book… That Baxter… too cute! lol
    I’m SO happy you got an iPad. I KNOW you are LOVING it!


    • P.S.
      You’ve made me want to charge my iPad (first one, still happy with it!!) and PLAY!~
      I never did download this app. Thanks for the link.


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