Quilts and Technology

Isn’t this a pretty floral? It’s decorator weight cotton, but I’m going to use it for the centre large diamond of a Jane Austen quilt. Ever since the Jane Austen Patchwork Inklingo collection came out, I’ve been thinking about making one and, as I was finishing another portion of the red and white border last night, I remembered I had this piece of fabric left over from the making of the side drapes in our living room. It will be perfect! Now I’ll just find some fabrics in my shabby stash that will play nicely and I’ll be ready to start it.

Yesterday we ran a few errands, and the weather was glorious. I can’t get over how green everything is looking so early.

One of the errands was to pick up this! I have wanted an iPad for ages and yesterday there was a fabulous sale which we took advantage of. The first thing I did once we got it home was to download the app for the Red and White Quilt show from last year. What a treat to see all those beautiful, magnificent quilts. I know it’s nothing like what it must have been to see them in person, but to have the chance to see them like this is a huge bonus.

And that’s where the title of today’s post came from – fabric for a quilt and the technology that enables me to see those beautiful quilts from last year’s exhibit.

Last weekend I picked up a cover for my eReader. They had many, many different covers available but there was something about this one that really appealed to me. I like the fact that now when I finish reading, it feels even more like a book as I close the cover.

Mr. Q.O.’s caption for this one is, “More toys for you?” Baxter was less than impressed with the sounds from the iPad. There is definitely something he sees out on the roof garden at night and, whatever it is, he absolutely does not like it. Last night he was growling at it. Mr. Q.O. couldn’t believe the noise he made and initially thought it was a motorcycle going by.

11 thoughts on “Quilts and Technology

  1. Congrats on you newest toy! I too would love an iPad and have been restraining myself. Trying to justify it even though I have a MacBook and an iMac. Hmmm… any suggestions? I love the zebra cover!


  2. What an enchanting fabric! I’d guess you have a perfect choice for a Jane Austen quilt! Isn’t technology grand?!!!! It can be so frustrating…but the e-readers and such are so much fun! Hmmm, wonder what Baxter has noticed out the window that
    you and Mr Q are missing? Sounds like he’s on high alert…with his growls!!! Happy
    stitching, designing and dreaming to you….happy hunting Baxter! Hugs to all!


  3. Ooo, enjoy! I am positively wedded to my iPad (the first version), and have a little fund that I’m slowly growing to eventually buy the latest version. I refuse to go into debt for toys. 😉 Two apps you might want to look at… HandiCraft (good for a stitching novice like myself – instructs quilting,knitting,crochet and embroidery) and Block Fab – which you may not need with Inklingo and EQ anyway LOL! It’s like a lightweight EQ, but more portable than the EQ5 on my laptop. 😉

    Looking at Baxter, all I hear in my head is, “We are not amused.” ;-p


  4. I love your new iPad and cover, and I especially love that floral piece of fabric for the Jane Austen quilt…that’s another quilt I would love to make! Do you know about the “Just Takes 2” quilt? It’s a free, BOM (twice a month download) red and white quilt inspired by the “Infinite Variety: Three Hundred Years of Red and White Quilts” exhibit. Brenda Papadakis of “Dear Jane” and Gay of “Sentimental Stitches have teamed together to create a mystery quilt based on blocks from the exhibit. You can learn more on both websites, but the main info can be found at justtakes2 dot com. Every month’s blocks are free, and the last month’s blocks are kept online for another month, after that they have to be purchased. It started in January. I learned about it in late February, but I caught up pretty quickly. And of course you can make your own “red and white” quilt in whatever colors you want. Check it out…and have fun with that iPad!


  5. Congrats on the new toy! I’m sure Baxter isn’t impressed if it’s not going to be something for him to play with! 🙂

    That fabric is the perfect Jane Austen type, I know you’ll make something incredible with it! You’re going to have to get a round or hexagon writing table so you can make a quilt to go on it like her’s unless you have already done that!


  6. Download GameForCats. Arlo, my spotted wonder plays it. He’s always been fascinated with chasing the laser pointer. I’m guessing Baxter will like it too. Have fun with your iPad. I LOVE mine — one of the best things I ever bought.


  7. In the late 90s, my local quilt shop (now closed, sadly) offered a kit for the Jane Austen quilt, after it was shown in an Australian quilting magazine. The kit is complete with center medallion, and off white black dot fabric for the background, as well as all the other fabrics for the diamonds and sashing. Yes, it is still in my drawer, waiting to be done. I swear I got more done when I worked full time. Someday, I will finish it. Your floral above is just gorgeous.


  8. Glad I got my password straightened out so that I can comment now. I’ve been reading your posts. I LOVE this idea for your Jane Austin quilt!~ I can’t WAIT to see THAT one be birthed by you!~ WOW!~

    LOVE the iPad cover, it has personality!


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