My Red and White Quilt Top

The red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt top, that is.  It had actually been finished for a week but it was too windy to be able to get a decent shot of it out on the roof garden until Friday afternoon. I’m still hoping to get a better picture than this, but that is going to require a design wall to pin it up on. It finishes at 74″ x 94″.

A close-up shot of part of the border.

It’s composed of 12 of the 20″ Feathered Stars and 30 of the 6″ Sunflower blocks. Total number of pieces in the entire top? A whopping 3, 388. All pieced by hand except the seams adding the 1″ red stop border and the pieced Sunflower border. Those I did by machine. This top has everything I love about making quilts in it – loads of opportunities for continuous stitching and lots and lots of curved piecing.

Now to the thanks. A huge, huge thank you to Linda Franz for her creative genius, inventing Inklingo and making a quilt like this oh, so achievable. I know there is not a chance I would have ever made this quilt were it not for Inklingo. Tracing all those templates would have been beyond my hands’ capabilities. And, having traced many templates over the years, I know that the accuracy is nowhere near as good with traced templates as it is with the fine, fine lines and matching points printed on fabric using an Inklingo collection.

Another enormous thank you goes to Judy at Sew Sisters. I had half of the Feathered Stars made when I realized that I wanted to make it a larger quilt but didn’t have enough of the white on white I was using. I sent a photo of it to Judy and she tirelessly worked for months and months, finally securing a bolt of that white on white for me. I still remember the Friday night she called to tell me she had it in the shop. I was giddy with excitement, knowing I could now make the quilt I had in mind.

Now to get a silk batt for it and decide on a backing fabric. I’m going to use the same red for the binding. I’m still not sure what I will do for a label for this top. It has to have something to do with the quilt, so I’m thinking I may make one more little sunflower for the label. Nor have I got a name for it yet. I usually have no problem thinking of  a name for my quilts, but this one has me stumped. Any suggestions?

I’m going to quilt it by hand. That will mean it doesn’t get quilted for a while for two reasons. First, it’s too hot to even contemplate having a quilt draped over me while I quilt it. Secondly, I want to get in some serious practice and make sure my hand quilting stitches are as good as I can make them before I start on it. To that end, I’m going to make up a few practice quilt sandwiches and get in some practice over the next month or so.

It has been a wonderful journey, making this quilt. I learned that I do like some reds. I also learned I cannot work on a two-colour quilt exclusively. I  need to play with lots of fabrics. That said, I love the fact that I can use just one colour of thread making a two-colour quilt.

What’s next? I’m not sure. I think I need a little play time before I get serious about finishing the Pickled Ladies and Summer Picnic Dish quilts. But I do plan to get the pieces I need for the Pickled Ladies border printed this week.

In today’s Baxtertoon, he’s driving a truck again. A cat toys and batting delivery truck, that is.

He’s quite happy lounging about on his cat tree.

41 thoughts on “My Red and White Quilt Top

  1. Just gorgeous!! Unlike you, I can’t possibly fathom making this quilt by hand… only by machine. And then to hand quilt it, I totally admire you. As for a name, I am so bad at naming quilts it takes me awhile to come up with something. Sorry I am no help in this arena. Ahhhh… Baxter is leading the life!


  2. Having made a lot of quilts by hand and some of those with tiny pieces I can appreciate all the work that went into making this quilt. It is beautiful!


  3. Cathi, You have incredible patience and tenacity. I know you will say it’s because of Inklingo, and that is partly true. However, YOU are amazing! You are able to envision a quilt and stay focused and see it through tirelessly.
    I see Baxter is on his way to fetch the batting and make a stop for toys. The cat tree was a great idea and he seems to be in heaven.


    • That is absolutely stunning! I would love to make a feathered star, and the Inklingo seems the way to go. However, the printer I use does NOT like to accept fabric attached to freezer paper. What is the trick I’m missing?


  4. Your quilt is gorgeous! I have a red and white in mind, but too many other things to finish up first 🙂
    Does Baxter spend a lot of time in his new tree house? Those pictures crack me up!


  5. Dazzling! You do amazing work! Oh my, to even think about quilts on one’s lap
    during these hot, hot days…ugh!!! However, the idea will have lots of appeal mid
    winter! :-)))) Can’t wait to see what strikes your fancy next!!!


  6. If you look at the sunflowers as moons you could have “Stars and Moons” as a name for your unbelievable quilt. Congratulations on a beautiful job well done!


  7. It’s absolutely spectacular, Cathi. I’m at a loss for words. You are my inspiration! One day I want to make a feathered star quilt too. But I think I will only be brave enough to tackle that sunflower center in ONE block! Also, Boo and Miss Kitty would sure love for Baxter to drop by with the Cat Toys Express! Can you please send him right over?


  8. What an incredible quilt! I knew it would be perfect! That has to be one of your best accomplishments so far! Time to celebrate on that one!!
    Baxter sure loves his nest, I’m sure he knows it’s his own haven!


  9. Cathi, your quilt is exceptional!!! I love red (my favorite color) and to think you did this by hand IS AMAZING!!! When I look at your quilt the only name that came to mind was “STARBURST” Congratulations on your award winning quilt!!! 🙂


  10. Well it was worth the wait to see it!! Wow, it is wonderful. I’m glad the weather finally cooperated so you could get a photo of it.

    Baxter seems to have fine tuned his driving skills!


  11. I love seeing beautiful quilts- they always inspire to sit down and sew! Two color quilts truly are my absolute favorites, yet I have yet to make one…’s definitely time!!!!


  12. Definitely worth waiting for! You have created a masterpiece! Love it! And very inspirational too! It is so nice to see a traditional quilt come to life! Art quilts are wonderful, but traditional quilts are the roots of those fine art quilts, and still very impressive!
    Love the Baxtertoon!


  13. How beautiful, Cathi! I think you should call it “O Canada” since the colours [note the “u” in colours] are truly patriotic. Then I think you should mail it to me here in BC as a gesture of national harmony and unity Of course, if you’d rather quilt it first, I can wait patiently….


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  15. Cathi – that is a beautiful quilt. It is such a wonderful accomplishment for you – so unique and just exquisite. I am especially fond of red and white quilts – don’t know if that is because they are so visually striking or because I am so fiercly patriotic – maybe some combination of the two. It was my privilege and pleasure to find the fabric for you – hugs to you and the senor!


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