Getting Back to the Pickled Ladies

Since the red and white quilt top was finished, I’ve felt almost lost and just flitted from project to project but nothing really captured my interest. That changed last night. I decided that Pickled Ladies is the next project up to get the top finished. To that end, I made two more of the arcs. I have to get the partially assembled top out and make sure I know how many I need before I get too carried away making these.

Printing on the fabrics I’m going to use for the border blocks of the Pickled Ladies will be next. Might even get that done today.

I discovered that the DMC black thread is the absolute best black thread I’ve ever used. I thought the MasterPiece black thread was good. And it is, no question. But in my opinion, the DMC black thread is even better. It’s super fine, doesn’t break easily at all and just glides through fabric.

We had quite the thunderstorm yesterday. At 1:00 in the afternoon the sky was so dark that  it looked like night and we had to turn on the lamps. We got loads of rain, which I know we needed but all it did was raise the humidity level. I think today is supposed to be hot and very  humid.

I’m still mulling over names for the red and white quilt and trying to decide on the label design. I’d like to get the label made now and put with the top along with the binding, which I have yet to make. I think I’ll take a day this weekend and make bindings for a few quilts.

Mr. Q.O. is experimenting with his method of drawing the Baxtertoons. Today’s was done with fountain pen and then enhanced using a computer drawing program or two.

Baxter appears to be not amused in this photo, but he was absolutely fascinated watching Mr. Q.O. drawing with the fountain pen. Might have something to do with the fact that Baxter loves to get his paws on a pen. Any pen. We dare not leave any lying around as they vanish quite quickly. I’m sure the next time we pull out the fridge we’re going to find, among the cat toys, a few pens.

6 thoughts on “Getting Back to the Pickled Ladies

  1. Looks like another fabulous quilt is on the way!
    Nice Baxtertoon, and yes, Baxter looks a little devious, contemplating how he is going to swipe that fountain pen!


  2. Pickled Ladies will be a beautiful quilt! There’s something about a pen or pencil that fascinates cats…..they can’t help themselves from knocking it to the floor.


  3. I just want to see the border for the pickled ladies. Lady loves any pieces of pens but lately unshelled almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts are a favorite on the tiled kitchen floor. very funny.


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