Another Baker’s Dozen of the Tiny Drunkard’s Path Blocks

These were done over the past 5 or 6 days. Sometimes I’ll just thread a needle with one length of the cream heirloom thread I’m using for these and stitch until it’s done. Then I go back to whatever else I’m working on. These are, to me, quilters’ candy and I may make these my roof garden project – easy to put in my little travelling stitching kit and I only need one colour of thread for them.  The count now? Still seems a bit daunting but 399 done, 433 to go. I think I may need to print more of the shapes on a few more ’30s fabrics, but I’ll figure that out once I’m halfway done.

Remember the red and white feathered star/sunflower quilt? Well, I have been working on the pieced border a bit this week. Depending what the weather is like this weekend, I may get the first plain red border added. Or, at the very least, perhaps get a decent shot of it out on the roof garden. If the weather’s nice, I’m going to spend as much time out on the roof garden as I can and leave that particular task of stitching on the plain border for a rainy day. We all know I’m not a huge fan of my sewing machine at any time of day or night, but I really dislike sitting at in the evenings. Does anyone else find they don’t like using their sewing machine at night?

Yesterday was a spectacularly lovely mild day – the perfect afternoon for the roof garden, and that’s where I was for quite a while. Did I remember the camera? Of course not! If it’s nice this afternoon, I’m going to try to remember to take the camera with me and head out there again.

Baxter and a teddy bear and a ball – Mr. Q.O.’s version.

Yesterday’s photo showed Baxter eyeing the new addition to his quilt perch. About a minute later, he seemingly decided the second teddy was a welcome addition and settled down for a snooze. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Those cryptic crosswords are tough – maybe after a nap.”

9 thoughts on “Another Baker’s Dozen of the Tiny Drunkard’s Path Blocks

  1. Yeah! How fun to see the feathered star quilt again! I can hardly wait to see it with a border attached. Would love to see pics of the flowers on the rooftop garden too. And I am just exactly like you, Cathi. I never want to sit at my sewing machine in the evenings. Only daytime for me! And even then, I’d rather be doing the relaxing hand piecing. I fear we are hand piecing snobs, just like Monkey! Baxter is a sweetheart, as usual. He makes me want to give him a big hug! And tell Mr. Q.O. to keep it up with the drawings. Love them! It’s always fun to read your blog first thing in the morning!


  2. 399!!! Wow… The rest seem a little daunting. And yes, I love the feathered star quilt, so glad you got it out again. I have been enjoying Mr Q.O.’s drawings!


  3. Your Feathered Star quilt is beautiful…..can’t wait to see it with borders! Those little blocks are just like candy. Mr Q.O.’s drawings are great fun, I wonder what Baxter thinks about them? Probably not much, if today’s photo is anything to go by.


  4. I’m an odd duck, I guess- I like sitting at my sewing machine in the evenings. Mostly because it’s the ONLY time of day I can sew at the machine with out the little ones clamoring around and punching buttons on it! I need to sew borders on a quilt too- make that resewing, as they all went on wonky the first time. Hand piecing is so much more fun than ripping out seams!!! Love the tiny drunkards path blocks!!!!


  5. I love seeing the red and white quilt and it is FABULOUS! WOW! That is a show stopper! Amazing! I can’t wait to see it in the garden. I’m so glad you are able to get out and enjoy it now. I can imagine it’s so beautiful there. Love seeing the little candy pieces. That’s how they look to me. All those tiny, cute fabrics and the muslin is perfect with them.
    Mr. Q.O., I”m really enjoying your “Baxtertoons”! Every day I look forward to another one of his adventures. Great job!
    Do you ever bring Baxter to the garden to walk around? I was just thinking that it is enclosed and he can’t really go anywhere. Well, from how I imagine it to be…
    Great photo of the prince on his throne. 🙂
    Have a great day! I’m off to my LQS.
    Oh!~ I don’t sew on my machine a lot at night, but I do sometimes. It’s not as inviting at night, but then if I”m on a roll with something or at retreat. I’ve never thought about it, but now that you mention it… hmmm…


  6. I am so glad that Sandra asked, as I wondered if you took Baxter up on to the roof garden with you. Or even, if he is allowed?

    Your red and white feathered star is gorgeous!! If ever I make a feathered star again, it will *definitely* be with Inklingo.
    suntred02 at


  7. Your feathered star is just so beautiful! You’re getting close! And that is a whole lot of little drunkard’s blocks! WOW!
    Baxter need some fabric pieces to wake him up! 🙂


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