Beginnings of A Third New York Beauty Quilt

This one doesn’t fit in with the Monet blocks or the Tiffany Lamp blocks, so is clearly the beginning of a third New York Beauty quilt. What it will be called, I have no idea at this point. All I know is I absolutely love these super sharp points. They are so easy to stitch and, with continuous stitching, the centre portion of the block is done in next to no time. Then it’s 4 more quick seams and the block is done.

I used metallics for all but one of the shapes in this block which made it a tad harder to press, but this time I got out the big iron which helped.

Yesterday I got caught up on some chores, did some more printing on fabric for the various New York Beauty quilts and just relaxed and pretty much stayed away from the computer altogether. Today I will be finally catching up on blog comments and visiting blogs.

The latest Baxter drawing shows him with his favourite toy, Cappy.

We put another teddy bear up on Baxter’s quilt — yes, I know I’m now referring to it as Baxter’s quilt. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Who’s the new kid?” A few minutes later, Baxter was sound asleep between his two bear bookends.

4 thoughts on “Beginnings of A Third New York Beauty Quilt

  1. Love Mr QO’s caption! It’s perfect. The cute drawings of Baxter are perfect too. You are going to have lots of NYB quilts! What do you plan to do with them all?


  2. I love it! You have me looking for metallics in my travels now… Love the purple!
    I guess that it was Cappy immediately! lol Those ears tickle me so. 🙂


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