On-Point 9-Patches and More

Three more of the colourful 9-patch blocks on point were stitched over the weekend. These are much like the tiny Drunkard’s Path blocks for me. They’re easy and quick to stitch and sometimes the perfect thing to pick up. There are still tons of them to be stitched. It’s going to be such a fun and colourful quilt that I’d like to think I can get this done sometime before the end of this year. All the shapes for the blocks are printed and cut out and stacked, ready to be stitched.

Two more of the pink and green log cabin blocks were made with the Inklingo .50″ Log Cabin collection. I decided to stitch two by hand and then compare them to the ones I’ve done by machine. For me it’s an easy choice. I prefer the softness of the blocks made by hand. I found if I worked on two at a time it was rather quick. The bonus to that was not needing to press after each log was added. Instead I could leave it until the block was finished.

I flirted with the idea of working on Ferris Wheel but it was really too hot to even contemplate having a quilt on my lap to work on. One of the things that is partially to blame for that quilt languishing so long is that I find the fingers on my hand beneath the quilt get so sore when quilting. So I started looking at what, if any, options there are to avoid that. The one I kept coming up with was T.J.’s Quick Quilter. It sounds like it might be just the thing I need. Have you used it? If so, what do you think of it?

Baxter on his perch. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “iPad? MyPad!”

11 thoughts on “On-Point 9-Patches and More

  1. Love those 9 patches! So bright and cheery!! I used the sticky silver disk on my bottom finger when quilting and love it. (of course I can’t remember the name of the product) I could quilt for hours! Does Baxter have any siblings? Do their families do blogs??


  2. You have been busy. I love the brights! I have tried several items to protect my “under the quilt” finger. I have to be able to feel the prick of the needle when I quilt so I just go without. If it gets too bad (bloody) I put on a bandaid. When I am quilting, I do have the worse looking fingers in Texas!


  3. I’ve tried using under the quilt gadgets, and have never found one that worked for me. Like the comment above, I have to feel the needle. Would love to know how that EZ quilter works out for you, though! Darling 9 patches 🙂


  4. I have seen it demonstrated but since I don’t hand quilt haven’t tired it myself. You would probably want to purchase the video though to get the best use of the product.


  5. I have quilted for a long time with the tj quick quilter. Once you get use to it it works great. I have one with out the gel on the handle and it gets a little heavy in the hand but I have gotten good results. Needles tend to dull quicker when using this as they are sliding across the metal surface


  6. I love those blocks! And the pink and green combination of the log cabin blocks is so perfect! I’m thinking I need to do something in pink and green, a great color match!
    Now I think Baxter need his own ipad!


  7. “PinkPad”! Love the cover! Pretty log cabin blocks. These fabrics remind me of the pretty quilt you made with twinkling stars. So bright and cheerful.


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