Monet Block 3

Stitching a New York Beauty block was my reward last night. This one is going in the Monet NYB quilt. My reward for what? For finishing one more of the pieced blocks for the red and white quilt border – seven more to go which should take me around two more weeks, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.

I can’t imagine stitching these blocks and getting the super spiky points without having the shapes printed on the fabric. I used two batiks in this one, which made pressing it easy as can be.

And now there are three. And there are three fabrics which appear in each of them so far.

There were a couple of comments yesterday about Aunt Becky’s Finger Protector. After watching the video about using it here (scroll down a bit on the page to see the video), I think that’s the best bet for me. Because my hands fatigue relatively easily, I think holding the spoon I talked about yesterday would become a problem quickly. But having the Aunt Becky’s Finger Protector on my fingers beneath the quilt looks like it wouldn’t be tiring at all.

Baxter is a very playful cat. He loves to chase and be chased and his favourite thing is to sneak up behind us and bat at our ankles. I can almost envision him sticking his tongue out at us, just like this, as he sneaks up.

Baxter and the bears. He has to rest up between games of chase and where better than on “his” quilt with his bear buddies?

14 thoughts on “Monet Block 3

  1. The only other way to achieve such spiky spikes is through paper piecing. That is definitely the way that I would do it, but I bet you knew that already. I really do love your hubbies drawings.


  2. Hi Cathi,
    I’ve been following your emails for a while, so thought I had better email you and let you know how much I enjoy them. You do wonderful quilting, and I especially love Baxter! He is a beautiful cat. I know there are so many wonderful pets of mixed breeds, but when you have a pure-bread (sp) you know what kind of characteristics you will get! (I have chocolate brown min. poodles and will always have that colour and breed because I love who they are!)
    Are you in southern Ontario. I’m from Thunder Bay
    Take care, thanks for entertaining us,


  3. I’ve been reading all of your post on these blocks…it just keeps getting better! I want to buy that quilt, it’s going to be amazing!!! Something happened to wordpress and now I’m not able to read the blogs I follow from the site! Yikes (!) wonder what is going on ???
    in love with Baxter!


  4. Cathi, I love, love, love this most recent Monet! After the four NYB’s I made, I realized that it really makes a big difference as far as choice of fabrics to be able to really show off the points. In a couple of mine, the points blended in with the adjacent color, and I was disappointed. I love the very light contrast against the dark in this Monet…that’s how I will be doing my next ones–big contrast! A big beauty!! 🙂


  5. That is funny about Baxter. Reminds me of ELLEN, where people are dancing behind people and they don’t know it, caught on tape. lol Love these pretty fabrics and points. You are going to have to have a show Cathi!~


  6. Ha! My Maine Coon mix, Lucien, loved to sneak up and bite and paw at my ankles. We played a chasing game too. Must be genetic or something. He also liked to “crab hop” sideways when he was wound up and wanting to play. I do miss Lucien’s funny games.


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