Another Monet Block

I couldn’t resist and so made another of the Monet New York Beauty blocks on the weekend. This one definitely goes in the Monet group. Seams graded and block pressed. These are such fun blocks to put together – lots … Continue reading

Some Monet Blocks in Progress

Over the past week or so, I’ve been picking out the shapes for a few more of the Monet blocks and have started putting them together. This may be one block. This may be another. Why may? Because I’m thinking … Continue reading

Monet Block 3

Stitching a New York Beauty block was my reward last night. This one is going in the Monet NYB quilt. My reward for what? For finishing one more of the pieced blocks for the red and white quilt border – seven … Continue reading

Second Monet Block

I managed a little stitching time last night. And got another block done for the Monet quilt. That’s 2 now for the Monet quilt and 16 for the Tiffany Lamp quilt.   About 10 days ago I was reorganizing fabric … Continue reading

New York Beauties in the Pink

Some pink had to be added to the NYB fabrics I’m working with.  First a NYB Collection 1 block with a little pink. I think this one will end up in the Tiffany Lamp quilt or … well, see below. … Continue reading

A Baker’s Dozen of New York Beauties

This is the latest one I finished. It definitely goes in the Monet set of blocks. This has three batiks in it as well as the metallic fabrics. I love the metallics but they are a bit thicker than normal quilting cotton and definitely thicker than a batik. The batiks in these blocks will help to cut down on the weight of the quilt, whatever size it ends up to be.

I’m amazed that 13 of these blocks are already finished. I had always wanted to make a New York Beauty quilt, but paper piecing? Not for me, too much machine work. Trace the templates? No, nowhere near as accurate and thin a line as I’d want. But being able to print the templates on my fabric? I was in! In seconds! That’s the beauty of Inklingo – printing on fabric and getting perfect cutting lines, perfect stitching lines and perfect matching points. It makes even the sharpest of points easy to stitch whether by machine or by hand.

Seams graded on the latest block and it pressed beautifully. Of course the batiks help. It is a bit more of an effort to get the blocks that have all metallics in them to press to their best advantage but it’s worth the effort as I love the effect they give.

I think I’ll make two more of these blocks and then start playing with setting ideas. I have a few ideas so the temporary design wall may be put up within the next few days so I can play. Clearly I’m making a series of these quilts as I have lots of blocks still to stitch but I don’t want to make these large quilts. I’d rather see them as colour-saturated small pieces to hang on a wall.

Still no flowers on the roof garden, but Baxter is on patrol on the windowsill. Mostly at night, though. He clearly seems something out there that we don’t see. He’s not as interested in watching out the window during the day as he is at night.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Don’t try this yoga pose without an attendant.” We call this one Baxter’s pretzel pose.

A Dozen Little Blocks and a Repeat Appearance

In next to no time last night I had an even dozen of these done. Now there are only 462 left to make. I could barely write that last sentence without laughing out loud. While it seems like an enormous number, I know I had the first 200 or so of them done in just a couple of weeks — and that involved tracing of templates, adding matching points and then cutting them out. I hate setting deadlines for myself, so am just going to enjoy however long it takes to stitch these.

This box now contains 370 little 2″ blocks.

After seeing the photo of the two blocks on my post yesterday, Mr. Q.O. insisted we take the photo again. He was right, the one yesterday seemed a bit muddy.

So much for me saying it was summer weather. Yesterday it got rather cool again but at least the sun was out. Our forecast for the long weekend is still looking like a true summer weekend with humidex readings in the 30s – Celsius, that is.

Baxter really does take his fabric minding duties seriously. When we set up to take photos, he’s almost always there to oversee the process.

Monet Block 2

A few pieces were taken out of the big book box and another Monet block made. Right now I’m not sure which is my favourite (if one is at all) – the Tiffany Lamp blocks or these softer Monet blocks.

I finger press as I stitch, which makes the final pressing very quick.

Now I’ve made one of each of the New York Beauty 1 and 2 collections for the Monet quilt. I’m not sure how many blocks will be made for this quilt, but know that it’s going to be fun playing with the setting. That said, now that I look at these two side by side, I think this newest one may be put in the Tiffany Lamp quilt pile. It may not be soft enough for the Monet quilt.

Tuesday was another fabulous day here, with wonderfully warm temperatures. We went for a walk but, of course, forgot the camera. The shops have their planters out and there are some pretty arrangements to be seen. If it’s not raining today, we’ll try again.

Baxter still has his particularly unique way of drinking. It’s hard work. After he’s had a drink, he needs to rest. You can tell that the fur on one side of his face is pretty much soaking wet in this shot.