New York Beauties in the Pink

Some pink had to be added to the NYB fabrics I’m working with.  First a NYB Collection 1 block with a little pink. I think this one will end up in the Tiffany Lamp quilt or … well, see below. This may be the beginning of a third of the series.

Then a NYB Collection 2 block. I’m not sure if this belongs with the Tiffany Lamp quilt or if perhaps there will be a third one in the series just with blocks that contain pink. All I do know is that there will be a series of these quilts.

A lot of printing on fabric was done on the weekend – about 45 sheets of various New York Beauty combo pages. They were all printed in less than 45 minutes. Such a short period of time and from that I have enough for all sorts of colour combinations in the blocks. I love the combo pages as they let me print all the shapes for a block on one sheet of fabric and then I can mix and match to my heart’s content. Quite a few of the sheets printed were pink. Adding some pink to these blocks was a must.

The back of one of the blocks.

Play time this weekend included these blocks, some from two other projects that haven’t been seen for ages and some more of the 2″ Drunkard’s Path blocks. They’ll all show up this week. But it’s back to the red and white quilt during the week this week. Unless, of course, I get distracted which may well happen. Why? Well, because today I’m going to sort through more of the project boxes and organize my fabric … again. There’s a second area that is in desperate need of some organization. I have a feeling there are some fabulous things just waiting to be unearthed in there.

Today is supposed to be unbelievably hot with a temperature of 32C and a humidex of 39C. The air conditioning is definitely going to be on while I sort through the fabric and project boxes.

Baxter was waiting for the photos of the NYB blocks to be taken so he could help and, while he waited, patiently posed for this shot. Mr. Q.O. captioned it “How do you like me so far?”

4 thoughts on “New York Beauties in the Pink

  1. I LOVE the pink fabric Cathi! I KNEW you’d have to get more pink in there.. 🙂
    Each one is so different… Loving seeing them come to life, as only you can do! Handsome Baxter.


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