Weekend Plans

First up, some Inklingo Cheat Sheets filled out so I can sort out what sizes of freezer paper I need to cut. Then I can print more of the New York Beauty shapes on the fabrics I’m using for these. I had some pieces of fabric that were already cut so they’re behind the cheat sheets but there is more to come. It’s the weekend, so this is my play time for the NYB blocks and who knows what else. Maybe a log cabin block, maybe some more of the tiny Drunkard’s Trail, or perhaps the 2″ Drunkard’s Path. The shapes for those last three are already printed on the fabrics I’m using, so it will be easy to pick up some of them.

I’m saving the strips from grading the seams of the NYB blocks in this little glass jar. It’s getting very colourful and will be even more so by the time I’m done, although I have a feeling I’ll need to use a larger jar.

The big book box has lots of shapes already printed and cut out, ready to stitch.

The laptop is charging now as I want to play with a couple of design ideas in EQ, but hopefully out on the roof garden. The battery on my old laptop doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to, but I think it’s good for about an hour of play. So those are my quilting plans for the weekend. What are yours?

While we were taking the pictures, Baxter was determined to get the jar lid.

A cartoon drawing of Baxter, drawn by Mr. Q.O.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. Mr Q.O.’s cartoon of Baxter is a hoot! I can see the resemblance, especially the lynx ears. Looking forward to seeing your sparkly little blocks set together!


  2. First things first…Mr. Q.O.’s drawing of Baxter looks exactly like him, of course! I hope you frame that, it’s precious! My ideal weekend plans would be to get as organized as you are, but I don’t think that will happen this weekend (or in this lifetime, haha!). I want to stitch some more NYB’s, as I didn’t get the chance this past week (was out of town babysitting grandson)…and I must find some fabrics for an Inklingo log cabin quilt…oh, yeah, and a yoga class this morning. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  3. Mr QO’s portrait of Bax is a masterpiece. He caught that certain je ne sais quoi, especially around the ears. It is priceless. So is the Mona Lisa, by the way. Monkey loves it too.


  4. I LOVE Mr. Q.O.’s drawing of Baxter!~ It’s wonderful! I look forward to seeing more “Baxter Adventures” from him. 🙂 Baxter probably connectst hat lid with your birthday cake. Smart kitty!! The cheat sheets are a great idea. Your big book box is overflowing! THat is a LOT of preparation you’ve done Cathi! Fun to see how much, in the end, you took off by grading the seams. These blocks are so gorgeous.


  5. Well, I’ve printed some Inklingo freebie shapes, posted a photo of them on my blog and now I’m going to attempt hand piecing for the very first time……scary!! Thanks for the inspiration Cathi 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. Avis x


  6. So much prep you have done! My sewing plans include making more Granny Squares for a quilt I’m making for my closest friend, and since Postie brought me 30 sheets of super-strong quilters freezer paper earlier, I plan to put my new printer through its paces, and print shapes for my very first Inklingo quilt! Am nervous (Already I know the ink does not wash out. Faen.) but excited to start! Also, Baxter looks *so* determined to get that lid! 🙂

    suntred02 at aol.com


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