A Dozen Little Blocks and a Repeat Appearance

In next to no time last night I had an even dozen of these done. Now there are only 462 left to make. I could barely write that last sentence without laughing out loud. While it seems like an enormous number, I know I had the first 200 or so of them done in just a couple of weeks — and that involved tracing of templates, adding matching points and then cutting them out. I hate setting deadlines for myself, so am just going to enjoy however long it takes to stitch these.

This box now contains 370 little 2″ blocks.

After seeing the photo of the two blocks on my post yesterday, Mr. Q.O. insisted we take the photo again. He was right, the one yesterday seemed a bit muddy.

So much for me saying it was summer weather. Yesterday it got rather cool again but at least the sun was out. Our forecast for the long weekend is still looking like a true summer weekend with humidex readings in the 30s – Celsius, that is.

Baxter really does take his fabric minding duties seriously. When we set up to take photos, he’s almost always there to oversee the process.

5 thoughts on “A Dozen Little Blocks and a Repeat Appearance

  1. Your tiny Drunkards Path (or have you dubbed them with another name?) blocks are so enticing! Love the scrappy look. Does Inklingo have lots of
    registration marks that make the curved piecing a snap???? I may have
    another “wanna do” for my life list!!!! Any ideas for the final layout/setting???
    Everyone fears curved piecing so much…if Inklingo can take the pain away…
    they’ve slain the dragon!!!!! Bring on the Aunt Gracie’s and let the needles


  2. I hope your weather this weekend is nice. Baxter looks so pretty in this photo. I love the black that you added to the little blocks, really gives it a punch. I’ve not seen that black fabric, very cute. The Tiffany and Monet blocks are so STRIKING!~ I’ve never seen anything quite like them.


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