Monet Block 2

A few pieces were taken out of the big book box and another Monet block made. Right now I’m not sure which is my favourite (if one is at all) – the Tiffany Lamp blocks or these softer Monet blocks.

I finger press as I stitch, which makes the final pressing very quick.

Now I’ve made one of each of the New York Beauty 1 and 2 collections for the Monet quilt. I’m not sure how many blocks will be made for this quilt, but know that it’s going to be fun playing with the setting. That said, now that I look at these two side by side, I think this newest one may be put in the Tiffany Lamp quilt pile. It may not be soft enough for the Monet quilt.

Tuesday was another fabulous day here, with wonderfully warm temperatures. We went for a walk but, of course, forgot the camera. The shops have their planters out and there are some pretty arrangements to be seen. If it’s not raining today, we’ll try again.

Baxter still has his particularly unique way of drinking. It’s hard work. After he’s had a drink, he needs to rest. You can tell that the fur on one side of his face is pretty much soaking wet in this shot.

12 thoughts on “Monet Block 2

  1. Love the block! You should try laying them out all together when you are done… you never know they might look great all together. Cats lead such tough lives don’t they? Would you mind sending some of the sunshine our way? It has been rainy and dreary for days.


  2. I want to be able to sleep like Baxter! He doesn’t look like he wakes in the middle of the night, or tosses and turns trying to get back to sleep! And your blocks are beautiful. It would be hard to choose a favorite!


  3. You are right, would be hard to pick…but the colors in this Monet block are a bit softer and the blue really looks like stained glass…so I’ll vote for this one!
    Ah Baxter, it’s a hard life…but some cat has to do it!


  4. I couldn’t choose. Love them both. I think the design “pops” more in the Tiffany blocks. But I love the softness of the Monets. Glad it’s your choice and not mine! 😉


  5. Gorgeous blocks! I loved Giverny… Monet would be proud Cathi. 🙂
    Perhaps Mr. Q.O. can get a video of Baxter drinking one day.
    I’m so glad you are having lovely weather and are getting out for walks to enjoy the flowers.


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