Tiffany Lamp Quilt, Block 10

Block 10? It doesn’t seem as though I’ve made anywhere near that many! Ten done for the Tiffany Lamp quilt and one for the Monet quilt. I’m going to try to lay them all out on the floor — maybe when Baxter is sleeping. Otherwise it might be a nightmare! A series of these quilts is definitely in my future.

The back after grading the seams and pressing. I’m still thrilled with the Rowenta travel iron. It presses well and heats up quickly. The biggest bonus is it’s so lightweight and easy on the hands.

And yes, this is another quilt in a box. In the big book box. Not all the pieces are printed yet, although there are quite a few ready to cut and more sheets of fabric ready to print. This time the box also contains all the fabrics I’ve picked out for the Monet and Tiffany Lamp quilts. Yesterday I finished cutting the remaining shapes for the ’30s Drunkard’s Path. I need to get a fair bit of stitching done so those pieces will fit in that book box.

Summer is here. This weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend, the traditional planting time here and the weekend often thought of as the first long weekend of the summer. The gardeners were seen on the roof garden yesterday, the weather is glorious and one sure sign it’s summer is that the lounge chairs have shown up out on the roof garden. We’ve turned the heat off, the windows are open and it’s wonderful!

Baxter lounging about. Mr. Q.O. captioned it, “Are you perchance going to the kitchen?”

7 thoughts on “Tiffany Lamp Quilt, Block 10

  1. I love the blocks! How many quilts are you working on? I like to work on more than one at a time but then I never get done with any of them, Right now I am working on 2 – quilting one, piecing the other, I would really like to get started on more but I am almost done with these two so I will keep at it for now.


  2. Yesterday I bought two pretty boxes at a craft store–I must start out my Inklingo correctly in those cute little boxes like you use!! Your NYB’s are perfection, such stunning colors you choose! 🙂


  3. Perfect name for your blocks ~ describes them to a tee. Baxter is looking very “kingly”. Hopefully the window washers won’t return for awhile and Baxter can enjoy his window seat without being disturbed.


  4. I ALWAYS chuckle at the captions on the Baxter photos. lol
    What a gorgeous photo of him.
    Cathi, these blocks are so gorgeous! Simply breathtaking.


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