Monet Blocks

Monet block 4.

Monet block 5.  I wasn’t sure if this belonged in the Monet group, but it does. I’ve got to get some sort of design wall put up so I can put all the blocks up on it and see how they’re looking together so far. I’m tempted to just get a small decorative drapery rod and hang a small batt from it to use as a design wall.

I was tempted to keep going with the red and white pieced blocks for the border but as it was the weekend and I had managed to finish three of the red and white blocks last week,  I decided I could have some play time. It helped that a friend encouraged me to do so.

One of our neighbours dropped off a new toy for Baxter on Sunday. It’s a green ball that is full of kitty treats. Baxter has already figured out how to get the ball open to get at the treats.

One of Baxter’s favourite things to do is pouncing on the duvet. I’m not sure what he was doing just before I snapped this picture, but love that I caught him with his tongue out!

6 thoughts on “Monet Blocks

  1. Cleaning himself I would say he has that expression….done that bit does it feel right now????? I like to see the monet blocks I have had to stop mine to complete a couple of fleecy dressing gowns (children and winter…)


  2. A plastic tablecloth that has the felt backing works well for a roll up design wall. That is a good idea about the drapery rod though. Let us know. I used a batting on my design wall and it worked great! Baxter is really getting lucky with his new toys lately! I admire you for staying with your Red and White Quilt. This one is going to be a beauty too. look at those fabrics and points!


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