Taking Stock

While I’m still about two weeks away from finishing the red and white top, I have been looking at the project boxes that litter the apartmentare scattered about — are neatly stacked, and found this box. Full of little spool, aka klosjes, blocks. About 125 of them, I think — I have to count. They finish at 2 3/8″ so are clearly destined to be a doll or teddy bear quilt. That said, in said box was also a couple of glassine envelopes full of pieces to make yet more.

Out they came so I could have another look, as it has been about a year and a half since I last looked at them. They’re cute and they’re fun and it will be a great little quilt and one that I think needs to get finished. So into the rotation they shall go, but they aren’t the next up once the red and white is done.

No, next up will be the finishing touches to the Pickled Ladies. I have the perfect border for them planned but it’s going to involve some fussy cutting, I think, and some serious planning. But the klosjes shan’t be far behind. Unless, of course, I get waylaid by some other UFO clamouring for attention or a new project that I can’t resist or … well, you know, if I get distracted which happens all too easily.

But as I work away at the red and white quilt, some of the project boxes are going to make a repeat appearance on the blog. There’s a real feeling of richness having all these wonderful projects in varying stages of completion. And it’s time some of them really did get bumped up the chain.

Do you do this periodically — get out your UFOs and assess whether they’ve aged long enough and are ready to be worked on yet again? I don’t know if I’m in the minority, not feeling guilty about the UFOs, but I really do think that some projects have to have a time-out before they’re finished.

We’re having a heat wave, they say. Humidex readings in the low to mid 40s Celsius for a few days. That’s hot. Too hot even for me. So this week will be perfect for me to spend a bit of time assessing what’s lurking in those project boxes. Who knows what else I shall unearth?

As anyone who has cats knows, they do love to cram themselves into boxes. Today’s Baxtertoon made me laugh out loud! With his love of little blocks and carting them around in his mouth, I can just imagine him methodically emptying the box before making himself comfortable in there.

Baxter was very alert for this shot. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Dinner Bell?”

6 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Oooh…another box’s contents revealed! It is like Christmas in Blogland! Cute little blocks! Great cartoon (thank you, Mr. Q.O) and fabulous picture of Baxter. You’ve started my day with a smile!


  2. I hadn’t realized those spool blocks were so tiny! very nice. It is hot here too and the next week will be near 100 and dry of course – we are in a drought here in central Arkansas. A good time to stay inside and work on my POTC blocks and quilt on Joseph’s Coat.


  3. You definitely need to finish something up with those cute blocks!
    My UFO list has on it to make a list of my UFO’s, I can’t even get that far! But after this week of quilting, I just might get something accomplished of my own!
    I just got a large box of batts in the mail and Sparkle could not wait for me to empty that box! She was in it before I had everything out!
    Baxter needs to be in a cat food commercial!


  4. I did not know you were making a spool quilt (klosjes). I don’t remember this one. So pretty. I’ve seen pictures and video of kitties in boxes, all curled up and it’s a hoot!


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