Small Things

That’s what I worked on the weekend – small things. First of all, the five remaining klosjes/spool blocks I needed for the top last shown here. Now I can start playing with these on the design wall and get the … Continue reading

Jelly Beans and Klosjes

That almost sounds like a song title, doesn’t it? To me it sounds like a very cheerful and fun song. I’ve added another block to the Jelly Beans quilt beginning. I love how happy this quilt is going to be. … Continue reading

The Final Three Possibilities

There were actually four more I was thinking of, but one of them got ruled out as there isn’t any chance I could finish it. So now I’m down to three more possibilities for the quilt I work on during … Continue reading

A Few Little Blocks

The final few klosjes are done.  I think my total is somewhere around 120 of them finished.  Once I get a chance to lay them out and figure out the arrangement, it won’t take long to get the little teddy bear quilt put together.

Wednesday night I really couldn’t seem to focus on just one thing so, along with making the final few klosjes, I put together these LeMoyne Stars.  I have a total of 11 of them done, with the pieces for 19 more printed and ready to stitch.  Another baby quilt in the making — this one clearly for a girl as all the stars will be a pink of some sort or another.

The political ads are beginning — although no election has been called yet, it seems it may not be that far off.  I have a feeling we’ll be renting a lot of videos or watching things we’ve recorded so we can fast forward through the ads.   My tolerance for the self-serving or attack ads is zero.  I don’t usually say anything about politics on my blog, but the ad I saw Wednesday night made my skin crawl.  If this is what we have to look forward to, I’d rather ignore the whole thing altogether.

It was very cold on Wednesday and promises to be even colder today.  We are definitely back in the deep freeze for a few days.  Great timing to spend lots of time stitching.  Smudge found a spot to curl up.

While Lester decided to guard the toy basket.

A Few More Klosjes

When I started to write this blog post I was thinking, “Just a few more of these tiny blocks and I’ll have 125 or so of them and I’ll be done.”  Then I had a good look at the picture and realized just how much I really do like these little blocks.  So now I’m thinking that perhaps I should print some more shapes on another couple of charm packs.  I hadn’t stitched any klosjes for a few months, but when I was sorting out projects I realized how few I had left ready to stitch and thought it was time to decide whether I’ll make more or make a small doll or teddy bear quilt.

I’ve been working on the cream and pink quilt but, as my hands have been acting up again, I may not get the top finished as quickly as I had hoped.  Blog posts may be rather sparse with more pictures than words over the balance of the week as I want to try to limit the amount of time I spend using the keyboard.

Smudge was curled up on the couch Tuesday evening having a snooze.

Lester looking like he had just woken up.

A Few More Klosjes

It seems like ages since I’ve stitched any of these little blocks, but on the weekend I got out the box that contains the pieces for them and made 10 more.  Now I’m up to 103 of these little blocks.  As they finish at 2 3/8″ and, if my calculations are correct, I’ll need about 570 of them to make even a lap quilt.  That seems rather daunting.  Perhaps these really are meant for a small teddy bear/doll’s quilt.

We’ve been out taking pictures of flowers in the neighbourhood.  This is one of the planters that’s at the entrance to our building.

This one is on the other side of the entrance and you can see one of the buildings across the street reflected in the black marble.

There are tons of these little roses at the front of the building.  They bloom endlessly throughout the summer and well into the fall.

It sounds like we’re going into an extremely hot week with temperatures in the 90s and humidex readings that will reach upwards of 110.  I like hot weather, but the humidity can be a bit hard to take — I think we’ll need gills to breathe by the time we reach mid-week. I wonder how long it will take before they’re asking people to limit their use of electricity during peak hours.  While we hardly ever have to put the air conditioning on in the living room, I have a feeling that this week we’ll probably be turning it on rather frequently.

It was hot during the weekend, but nowhere near as hot as it’s going to be.  Where was Smudge hanging out?  In his kitty bed!  I mistakenly assumed that those kitty beds would be too warm during the hot weather, but it seems I was wrong.

Lester, showing his version of a lounge lizard look.

Wednesday’s Little Blocks

As the focus now is on my aunt’s quilt, one flower was all that was done to add to the garden.

A few klosjes blocks were added to the collection as well.

On Saturday night, we went to the large grocery store that’s down near the waterfront.  It was still quite warm and humid but the clouds were rolling in, bringing in the rather cool weather we’ve had since.  We got this shot of the skyline from the parking lot of the grocery store.

This is my latest favourite shot of Smudge.  He was very alert as it was getting close to the time for his nightly yogourt treat.

Lester spent a fair amount of time on the windowsill on Tuesday watching the birds.

Many Little Blocks

A few brighter flowers for my garden.  I had some like these tucked away and decided to make a few more as a plan is slowly forming for this quilt which will involve some of the very delicately coloured flowers together with some brighter ones.

My klosjes production has dropped off rather considerably in the past few weeks, but a couple more have been added to the group now and I hope to make at least two or three each week.

And something that has been in the back of my mind for ages — some 4-patch blocks that finish at 2″.  I’m not sure where I’m going with these but I have a box full of 1″ squares that are ready to piece.  Sometimes it’s fun to just take a few minutes to stitch one or two of these little blocks and slowly, but surely, there will be enough to make a small quilt.  Or I may use these in a postage stamp quilt, which is another long-term project on my quilt “bucket” list.

I was actually contemplating how marvelous it would be to have 48-hour days, 24 of which could be dedicated to quilting.  It was a complete flight of fantasy — I was thinking about all those lovely hours of daylight during the summer and the fact that one would still only need 8 hours sleep per day, even a 48-hour day.  Just think about all that could be fit in that remaining 40 hours!!

Tuesday was another wonderfully hot and sunny day.  The rain they had forecast, and which we do rather need, didn’t materialize.  I think we’re going to have a nice hot summer which will make up for last year’s non-summer!

Smudge was wide awake, lounging on the couch.

Lester, a bit soft focus.

One Klosjes …

… block was all I got done last week.  I’m thinking now that I will finish making the ones I’ve got prepped, then assess and decide whether to make a wall hanging from those or if I’ll keep making them.

The back:

The weekend was productive as I got the next 4 Alabama Beauty blocks stitched into a row, and that row joined to the first 4 rows.  I’ll post a picture as soon as we can get one out on the roof garden on a dry, non-windy day.  Sunday  night I selected the fabrics for the next row of the blocks..

Exciting news to me is that there’s going to be an Inklingo Pickle Dish collection.  One of my quilting goals is to have a red and white quilt and I’m playing with the idea of making a red and white Pickle Dish.   More wonderful curved piecing.  I can’t wait!  Linda announced it here, on her blog, on Sunday.

We were playing with the macro setting on the camera and took this shot of the condensation bubbles on a coffee cup.  For some reason, this shot just fascinates me.

It was a rainy overcast weekend.  Sunday afternoon two robins were sitting on the tree branch right in front of the living room window.  I knew we had some robins out on the roof garden as I’ve heard them, but hadn’t seen them until Sunday.  I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of them.

The cats got in some serious relaxation time.  Smudge in one of his endless upside down poses.

While Lester was a bit more alert, but only momentarily.