Hot Off the Ironing Board

As soon as I finished pressing it, we took this photo of the finished Summer Picnic Dish quilt top. The last stitch was taken at approximately 10:30 on Friday night and the pressing was done yesterday. This is the first … Continue reading

Final Progress Report on Summer Picnic Dish

Why is this the final progress report? Because these are all that’s left to add to the Summer Picnic Dish. Five setting pieces and that’s it! It will be done before tonight’s baseball game is finished. And the Summer Picnic … Continue reading

The Week’s Progress

This is how many of the melon/arc combos are done so far for the Summer Picnic Dish top. There are only 12 left to make and then it will be a hopefully quick few nights of stitching and the top … Continue reading

Bribing Myself

I realized on the weekend that I hadn’t decided on a baseball playoffs quilt. I try to always pick one to either start or finish during the playoffs. This year? This year it’s going to be the Summer Picnic Dish. … Continue reading

Summer Picnic Dish Update

I thought I should show the pathetically little progress that’s been made on the Summer Picnic Dish since it was last seen. One more ring has been added. That’s it. The quilt top is now two-thirds done. Eight more rings … Continue reading

Summer Picnic Dish Update

I’m just past the halfway mark of getting this top finished. Nine more rings to make and join and it will be done. But nine more rings will take a minimum of a month. So getting this done and ready … Continue reading

Rose Star, Summer Picnic Dish and More

Although I’ve not been blogging much this week, I have been busy. First of all, I decided to make a second Rose Star block. To go with this one, which I made months ago. I have a plan to use … Continue reading